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First Green Roof designed for San Diego (4/07)
The smoke-free, air pollution solution (4/07)

Addicted to Oil (4/06)
Efficiency resource standards: the next Big Bang for energy policy (4/06)

Fish Wars: How cheap oil drives industrial longline fishing (4/04)
Five power companies answer WWF challenge to commit to clean energy and support limits on carbon dioxide emissions (4/04)

Wind power set to become world's leading energy source (8/03)
Power Play (8/03)
Energy facts contradict Bush global warming plan (8/03)
Recycling Energy: The Fine Art of Rag Picking (8/03)
Eastern power outage unfortunate but entirely predictable (8/03)
US energy security linked to efficiency (6/03)
Alternative energy is too expensive for San Diego consumers – NOT (6/03)
Restructuring the energy economy (6/03)
Energy efficiency key to prevent another power crisis (6/03)
Fuel efficient patriotism bumper stickers (6/03)
Environmentally efficient home purchase made easier (4/03)
New San Diego Energy Resource Center opens (2/03)

Don't get "frosted" heating your home this winter (11/02)
Fuel cell-powered cars hitting the road ahead of schedule (11/02)
Multi-Agency team releases 2030 Regional Energy Infrastructure Study (10/02)
Kinko's recognized as Green Power Partner of the Year By EPA, DOE (10/02)
Consumers can create a secure and clean energy future (10/02)
XENERGY finds billions in untapped efficiency savings for California electricity customers (10/02)
Mayor puts power back in to grid (8/02)
Silicon Valley sets illuminating example of energy efficiency (8/02)
Consumer conservation behavior motivated by overcharging (6/02)
Cleaner energy is more secure energy says Environmental Defense (5/02)
Making a cleaner, cheaper fuel cell (5/02)
Want better gas mileage? Drive a Boeing 747 (5/02)
Cool tungsten light bulb may be possible (5/02)
Bush energy plan will worsen US oil, nuclear, electricity vulnerabilities (4/02)
US poll shows strong support for renewable energy (4/02)

Federal renewable energy standard would help prevent energy price shocks (12/01)
Americans favor alternative energy methods to solve shortages (12/01)
No cost for communities to recycle all rechargeable batteries (12/01)
Potential for 1.3 million jobs nationwide from clean energy (12/01)
Metallic Power delivers zinc/air fuel cell prototypes for AQMD (11/01)
LSU researcher finds new petroleum production method (11/01)
Eco-economy offers alternative to Middle East oil (11/01)
A healthy urban forest in San Diego can conserve energy A proposal (10/01)
Auto manufacturers could greatly improve fuel economy at low cost with existing technology (10/01)
Green energy mix promises big savings and greater stability for California (10/01)
Shea Homes hits energy crisis head on (8/01)
Self-directed tour of energy-efficient architecture (7/01)
Higher miles per gallon standards would save Californians more than $1 billion dollars annually (7/01)
Cleaner electric plants remain California's objective (7/01)
An interfaith call for energy conservation and climate justice (6/01)
Scientists express grave concern over White House energy plan (6/01)
NRDC proposes "responsible" energy policy for the 21st century (6/01)
Clean coal? (6/01)
Solution to country's energy woes might include hot air (6/01)
Environmentally conscious energy efficiency efforts (6/01)
Energy efficiency: It's not your mother's "energy conservation" (5/01)
Governor and legislature called to implement immediate power solutions (4/01)
Solar air heater replaces electric heater at Mammoth (4/01)
Clean diesel power key to success of maritime industry (3/01)
In the California energy crisis, conservation is the obvious answer! (3/01)
Global survey finds wind energy's explosive expansion continuing (3/01)
Energy efficiency investments can help prevent continued electric system meltdown (3/01)
The Bush Administration's Energy Department transition team (3/01)
In the dark (2/01)
Aluminum-Power's fuel cell performance exceeds all conventional batteries (1/01)
The western electricity and natural gas crisis (1/01)

Fuel cell engine maker Xcellsis joins California Fuel Cell Partnership (12/00)
San Diego demonstrates solutions to costly energy prices (12/00)
Lights on! (12/00)
New method opens door for more photovoltaic systems being safely linked to electric grid (10/00)
Pissed at power politics? Empower yourself! (10/00)
"Wired" households ready for networking, "smart" appliances and new services (10/00)
Guide to Energy-Efficient Equipment helps owners and occupants of commercial buildings (10/00)
California's power crisis (9/00)
President Clinton acts to ensure the Feds help California meet its electricity needs (9/00)
Energy self-sufficiency in San Diego: A presentation to the city council (8/00)
Landmark agreement reached to improve clothes washers (8/00)
20th century power systems incompatible with digital economy (8/00)
Keep cool with whole-house and ceiling fans (6/00)
"Pac Man" enzymes turn biomass waste into replacement for gasoline (6/00)
Solar power kits for boats (6/00)
World energy demand continues rapid growth in this year's "International Energy Outlook" (5/00)
US solar manufacturer teams with energy service company to help San Diegans cash-in on incentives (5/00)
Sludge Power (5/00)
San Diego Regional Energy Office announces Energy Leadershi[p Awards (5/00)
"Biodiesel" fuel could reduce truck pollution (5/00)
Earth Day 2000 -- New Energy for a new Era (4/00)
Be an Earth Day Energy-Saver "Bright Light" (4/00)
Common algae can be valuable source of hydrogen fuel (3/00)
Soybean fuel additive could help cut prices (3/00)
New energy-efficient Chinese refrigerator will have global impact (2/00)
ORNL technology could make solar energy more viable (1/00)
Hydrogen peroxide could power future fuel cell (1/00)

Prepare for winter and cut your energy bills by 75 percent (12/99)
Solar energy helps power Amoco service station (12/99)
Leaky ducts can cost big bucks (11/99)
Landscaping -- the natural way to save energy (11/99)
Kitchen tips for an energy-wise Thanksgiving (11/99)
Light-duty automotive technology and fuel economy trends through 1999 (11/99)
Thermoelectric cooling devices (11/99)
Agreement calls for energy efficient fluorescent lights (11/99)
Pedal power probe shows bicycles waste little energy (11/99)
California homes use less energy (10/99)
"Annual Energy Review" chronicles 50 years of changes in US energy (9/99)
Honda to introduce hybrid gas/electric car (9/99)
Workshop on promoting solar technologies in San Diego (9/99)
List of top-rated appliances now available on the web (9/99)
Adventures in Driving: EV Does It (7/99)
Four paths for new power generation (7/99)
Air conditioning and household appliances (7/99)
Clean power production gets boost from state funds (7/99)
General Motors announces sponsorship for the "FutureTruck 2000 and 2001" (7/99)
Sierra Club applauds Daimler-Chrysler's promise to put cleaner cars on the road (7/99)
Southern States Power buys Mexican oil extraction plant to produce bio-diesel (6/99)
New Energy for a New Era (5/99)
Home energy treasure hunt (5/99)
Southern States Power enters stationary fuel cell markets (5/99)
Researchers making methane more marketable (5/99)
Federal government energy waste costs taxpayers $1 billion annually (3/99)
Ford's new gas-guzzling SUV wins the "Exxon Valdez" award from the Sierra Club (3/99)
Plug Power breaks new ground in automotive fuel cells (3/99)

Researchers develop clean-burning synthetic diesel fuel (11/98)
Yeast rises to a new occasion (9/98)
Entrepreneur creates new miniature fuel cell (5/98)
ENERGY: choosing clean power in California (4/98)
Solar success stays in shadow (2/98)
Refrigerators the story behind a crucial appliance(2/98)

From the White House to your house (5/96)
SDG&E energy efficiency programs (2/96)
Alternative fuel vehicles (10/95)
Cooking with the sun (6/95)
Home, home and the range (5/95)
Kanazawa Institute sweeps "Solar Splash" regata (10/94)
CCAP promotes benefits of natural gas (6/94)
Natural gas-powered Taurus: a test drive (6/94)
Natural gas keeps Centre City on its tows (6/94)
Global energy grid a salvation for developing countries (2/94)
Electric bus marks new smog-free era (12/93)