Aluminum-Power's fuel cell performance exceeds all conventional batteries

provided by Aluminum Power Inc.

anada's Aluminum-Power Inc. has announced that its breakthrough aluminum-air fuel cell for portable energy applications is featured in the December, 2000 issue of Scientific American's monthly "Fuel Cell Industry Report." The extensive article describes the unique features of the Aluminum-Power technology and the extended capacities and power output of the aluminum-air fuel cell.

The article notes that "compared to lithium-ion and nickel cadmium batteries, the aluminum-air battery provides an estimated 75 times more energy density plus greater output over a longer battery lifetime." To date, the Aluminum-Power battery has achieved 800Wh/kg [watt-hours per kilogram] with peak currents of 7 amps recorded. Aluminum-Power scientists believe that 4,000/Wh/kg is theoretically possible.

The article also notes that Aluminum-Power has set a 2001 target of 24 hours of talk time and 30 days of standby time for cell phones powered by the company's aluminum-air battery.

Developed over the past five years, the Aluminum-Power aluminum-air cell has a high energy to weight ratio and, because of its simple design, its dimensions can be customized to fit small and large technology. The report also noted the "green" nature of the Aluminum-Power fuel cell, particularly its recyclability. The article referred to extensive research that "shows the products of reacted aluminum to be environmentally benign."

Aluminum-Power Inc. is currently seeking manufacturing and marketing partners to initiate production of its aluminum-air fuel cell.

The article quoted Rafael Ferry, Vice President, Marketing, as saying the company is now in the pre-production stage for its aluminum-air batteries. The company is also actively working on the production of prototypes that are sized for home power supply as well as electric vehicles. These should be available next year.

Aluminum-Power is a Canadian-based high-technology company which has perfected proprietary aluminum and oxygen fuel cells that offer significantly higher power output over extended periods. The company is currently focusing on commercializing its technology for the portable electronics industry.

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