Grand opening May 17

San Diego's Cleanest Cleaners

Try it during June to benefit SD EarthWorks!

by Alice Martinez

ry cleaning operations in San Diego, as well as the rest of the country, have traditionally used perchloroethylene, commonly called PERC, as a solvent to clean clothes and fabrics. While PERC is an effective cleaning agent, it has some very negative effects on the environment. Hazards of PERC range from soil and groundwater contamination to worker safety and serious air quality concerns including acute and chronic health problems. PERC is a potential cancer-causing compound and poses a risk to surrounding communities.

    Gordon Shaw has been in the dry cleaning business in San Diego for years. Now, Mr. Shaw is now going beyond any regulatory requirements by eliminating the use of perc entirely from his dry cleaning operations. Employing new technology, he is using liquid carbon dioxide as the cleaning solution. Mr. Gordon Shaw & Hangers Cleaners was the recent recipient of the Air Pollution Control District's Earth Day 2001 Clean Air Award.

    In honor of Earth Day, Hangers Cleaners will be donating 25 cents per garment dry-cleaned through June 30th to San Diego EarthWorks Hangers is located in the Fenton Marketplace (near IKEA on Friar's Rd. in Mission Valley).