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Note: Beginning in 2004, SDET is only published once a year, in April, in conjunction with and in support of the annual EarthFair in Balboa Park in San Diego.

April 2007

Watch our Wallets
Climate changes in San Diego
First Green Roof designed for San Diego
Protect the public’s right to know
Leave No Child Inside
EarthFair on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22
Mexican Lucha Libre: Join WiLDCOAST to Fight Ocean Enemies
Awarding inspiration
Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
Local Growers at EarthFair
Earth Day in North County
Senator Christine Kehoe’s Earth Day message
The smoke-free, air pollution solution
Assault on battery
From induced demand to reduced demand

April 2006

Addicted to Oil
Save it, don’t pave it: Conspiracy and confusion at City Hall
4th Annual Creek-to-Bay Cleanup
Scrap Tire Exhibit At EarthFair
Simple ways to protect the environment
When less wood is more
Recycle your e-waste on Earth Day
Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
President’s budget on the environment: More of the same misplaced priorities
Most environment-friendly vehicles of 2006
Hotter, Faster, Worser
Socially responsible investing for the world
Scientist warns of threat to last stronghold of endangered turtle
Efficiency resource standards: the next Big Bang for energy policy
Who will mourn the consumption monkeys?

April 2005

Distractions that matter
“Kids in Canyons” – Watershed days for San Diego
Fishers and their families at risk from polluted fish
Make Every Vote Count!
WIN a KYOCERA Solar Electric System!
Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
Take the city’s water conservation survey
Celebrating Earth Day the organic way
2005: Nature’s Crisis
Experts warn ecosystem changes will continue to worsen, putting global development goals at risks
Global warming bill means thousands of new jobs
Scripps researchers find clear evidence of human-produced warming in world’s oceans
Resolve the conflict of environmental guilt vs. lifestyle with TerraPass
Waves not walls: border pollution solutions
Sick of dust? Hazardous chemicals found in household dust across the United States
Screw Earth Day! We need an Earth Century!

April 2004

Tired of traffic? Tired of taxes? Be wary of more of the same
Assemblymember Christine Kehoe names Carolyn Chase Woman of the Year
Five power companies answer WWF challenge to commit to clean energy and support limits on carbon dioxide emissions
Senator Barbara Boxer hosted by San Diego Sierra Club
The Bush Administration's record on the environment
Volunteer for Earth Day!
Attend the VIP Benefit and EARTH Awards
Green light, red light: Model Year 2004's “greenest” and “meanest” vehicles announced
Richer, fatter, and not much happier
Sumatran tiger on brink of extinction
WWF efforts yield two new national parks in Indonesia
Fish Wars: How cheap oil drives industrial longline fishing
Groups call on Wal-Mart to influence retailer to end sales of whale and dolphin meat in Japan
Green Coalition criticizes cruise industry claims of improved environmental performance