Lights on!

hy turn off the Holiday spirit? We can avoid an energy crisis and have festive lighting displays at the same time by using efficiency rather than denial. For every 60-watt incandescent light bulb you replace with a 20-watt compact fluorescent, you will save enough electricity to run a 50-foot string of miniature Italian lights with some kilowatt hours left over. Plus, you will get more light out of it and will save about $50 over the bulb's lifetime (assuming rates don't go up). That is a pretty nice return on your $10 or $15 investment in the bulb. And, you will be helping keep 100s of pounds of global warming gases out of the atmosphere, not to mention acid rain and smog forming gases. Now that's the holiday spirit!
Provided by Tom Lent, Energy & Environmental Consulting, 2464 West St, Berkeley, CA 94702; 510-845-5600;;