Air conditioning and household appliances

Be an energy star.

provided by Natural Resources Defense Council


ith the first heat wave of the summer, scores of people set off in search of new air conditioners. How to cool off at home without heating up (and messing up) the planet? Look for the Energy Star. The Energy Star label identifies highly efficient products that can save consumers up to 30 percent on their electric bills while cutting pollution and protecting the environment. The Energy Star website also offers tips on when to buy a new air conditioner (if yours is more than eight years old it's a good candidate for replacement) and buying the right one for the job (bigger is not necessarily better - an oversized air conditioner is actually less effective than one that's the correct size).

Energy Star identifies winning products in lots of other product categories as well, including household appliances, heating products, home electronics, office equipment, lighting fixtures, and windows, doors, and skylights. According to the folks at Energy Star, if all Americans invested in only Energy Star-labeled products over a 15-year period, we would save $100 billion on energy bills and the reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions would be equivalent to taking 17 million cars off the road in each of those years.

What to do

Visit the Energy Star website or call the Energy Star hotline for product information and store locations.

Who to contact

Energy Star website at Energy Star hotline: (888) STAR-YES (888-782-7937).

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