Are you tired of seeing Chevy Suburbans, Ford Expeditions, and countless other “gas-guzzling/foreign oil dependent/air polluting” SUVs with American flags plastered on the rear – as if buying an SUV and making the country more dependent on Middle East oil was somehow an act of Patriotism?

    As part of the growing movement that is connecting fuel-efficiency with patriotism, a group of us have produced a run of “Fuel-Efficient Patriot” bumper stickers to help promote awareness of the connection between gas-guzzling, our dependence on foreign oil and global warming.

    The lovely Bumper sticker is a simple red white and blue background with the words “Fuel-efficient Patriot” over the top.

    The bumper stickers cost $2.00 to help us recover the cost and prepare for another run. To order, please send $2.00 for each bumper sticker along with your return address to:

Dan Farough
109 East Grand River
    Lansing, MI 48915

    More info: daniel.faroughsierraclub.org.