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Assault on battery (4/07)

Scrap Tire Exhibit At EarthFair (4/06)
Recycle your e-waste on Earth Day (4/06

Recycle your “dead” cell phones at EarthFair (4/03)

Green Holiday Guide gives recycled bottles and cans a second chance this holiday season (12/02)
"Pay as You Throw" programs reduce waste by 17 percent (8/02)
Helping authors and publishers to save trees (4/02)
Help your company to buy recycled (4/02)
Magazine publishers receive second annual Eco-Paper Leadership Awards (4/02)

No cost for communities to recycle all rechargeable batteries (12/01)
Telephone book recycling wave hits the South Bay and East County (10/01)
County shows where to recycle clutter (10/01)
Buying recycled paper... something small with big implications (4/01)
EIA encourages consumers to reuse and recycle used electronics (2/01)

Postal Service addresses sticky situation with adhesive breakthrough (6/00)
Help local nonprofit save trees (4/00)
The California Materials Exchange: a waste prevention tool you can't do without (2/00)

Local recycling hurt by federal subsidies (6/99)
Solana Recyclers helps businesses reduce waste, buy recycled and save money. (4/99)
Talking trash: why, Coke not Pepsi? (2/99)

Overnight shipping industry cuts waste (5/98)
100 billion beverage containers recycled (4/98)
Environmental Defense Fund exposes"sorry state" of plastics recycling (1/98)

Curbside recycling expansion gets the green light (12/97)
Don't heave that Christmas tree just yet (12/97)

The truth about curbside recycling (12/96)
From natural canyonlands to landfill - and back again (12/96)
Recycling paper ... and recycled paper (10/96)
Green Seal publishes report on "green" copy papers (10/96)
Beyond the usual - recycling leaders keep going, and going, and going (7/96)
Wall-to-wall improvements with the environment in mind (3/96)
Appliance recycling (2/96)
Wire hanger recycling (2/96)
Christmas tree recycling (12/95)
Where do old appliances go to die? (5/95)
The economics of recycling (4/95)
New collection program pays cash for used auto oil (2/95)
Building Materials Recycling: industrial strength (11/94)
Auto buyback program is a crushing success (10/94)
"Twice is Nice" contest brings out kids' creativity (8/94)
Steel: America's most recycled resource (2/94)
MAD ... about plastic? (12/93)
Gray water in your future (12/93)
Holidays are the time to reduce, reuse and recycle (12/93)