County Shows Where To Recycle Clutter

Public works web site offers complete list of centers

Planning to clean your garage this weekend? Is your yard a mess? You know a lot of clutter can be recycled - but where?

    San Diego County's Department of Public Works (DPW) web site lists authorized recycling centers throughout the county, including locations in cities and unincorporated areas. Located at, the web pages list items each center accepts, whether they pay for items such as aluminum cans and motor oil, and more. Recycling tips are included on each page.

    Web visitors need only click on a community location and the listing for all its centers is displayed. Information includes business name, telephone number, address and types of recyclable materials accepted. There are also links to other web sites that deal with household hazardous waste and recycling centers in the City of San Diego.

    The web site is maintained by DPW's recycling section.

    Bill Polick, (858) 495-5736. Department Of Public Works, County Operations Center, 5565 Overland Ave. Bldg. 2, Ms 0332, San Diego, CA 92123.