Green Holiday Guide gives recycled bottles and cans a second chance this holiday season

provided by California Department of Conservation

n an effort to raise awareness for recycling and provide the nation with an easy way to help the environment this holiday season, the California Department of Conservation has released the 2002 Green Holiday Guide.

    This one-of-a-kind, nationally circulated holiday guide contains easy-to-find environmentally conscious gifts. From kayaks to ski jackets, to glassware and home deco

    “The guide is designed to be a one-stop catalog for easy to find, yet unique, environmentally-friendly gifts in a variety of price ranges,” said Darryl Young, California Department of Conservation director. “There is a real misconception by many people that 'green' products are harder to find or more expensive. We are hoping that the Green Holiday Guide will help dissolve that myth.”

    Environmentally friendly gifts and holiday materials can be found at a number of mainstream consumer stores, as well as a variety of online shops. From wrapping paper and greeting cards to affordable one-of-a-kind items, the guide provides a range of ideas on how to make this season more “green.”

    “Recycling beverage containers and other items is just part of the solution,” said Young. “Shopping for recycled-content products helps close the recycling loop by increasing demand for recycled materials.”

    In addition to a variety of gifts, the 2002 Green Holiday Guide also includes simple hints, tips, and suggestions on how to buy recycled products, shop for creative, eco-friendly products, conserve natural resources and save energy.

    To view and/or download your own copy of the DOC's Green Holiday Guide, please visit For more information, please contact Gene Harm at or at (310) 323-1886.