Where do old appliances go to die?

Stay away from that landfill! Keep that old 'fridge - or its parts - in circulation.

Reprinted from Recycle Appliances, with permission
he average American family owns half a dozen major appliances. Nearly every household has a refrigerator and a range, and more than 80 percent own washing machines and dryers. Most of these have long, useful lives - typically 10 to 18 years.
Until recently, many worn-out appliances were simply put in local landfills. On January 1, 1994, a California law became effective banning disposal of major home appliances in landfills. Without landfills as an option, what should you do with your old appliances?
Recycle them, of course. Appliance recycling programs reduce the solid waste stream, and also save valuable energy and natural resources.

It's a steel

Most major home appliances typically consist of about 75 percent steel. Scrap steel can be processed and remelted repeatedly to manufacture new products. In fact, old steel is required to make new steel, and manufacturers depend on a steady supply of recycled material. In addition, appliances have other metals such as copper, aluminum and zinc that can be recycled.
All steel produced in the United States today is made using recycled material. Many products produced in the United States, such as appliances, steel cans and automobiles, contain at least 25 percent recycled steel. Other products, such as bridge beams, contain nearly 100 percent recycled steel. Enough appliances were recycled in 1993 to make 214 Olympic stadiums. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using recycled steel results in an 86% reduction in water pollution and a 97% reduction in mining wastes.

Reapply appliances

Recycling appliances reduces waste and save energy. However, recycling is only one of the important elements in the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. Another option is reuse.
If an appliance works or needs only minor repair, donate it to a local charity or thrift store. Reuse of a working appliance helps benefit those who can't afford a new one. If you need assistance finding a charity or a thrift store, call The Recycling Hotline at (619) 467-0903 or (800) 237-2853.

Recycling tips

The most common recyclable household appliances are refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ovens, cook tops, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, room air conditioners and trash compactors. Call and check with a recycler to find out which appliances they accept.

Pumping gas

Some of the home appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and dehumidifiers, contain chemicals known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that, when released, can be harmful to the ozone layer. As of July 1, 1992, CFCs must be recovered from an appliance by a trained technician before recycling. Most appliance recycling centers have trained technicians on site. Be sure that your recycler provides this service.

Take it away...

Non-working appliances are collected at recycling centers and brought to scrap recycling facilities. After CFCs and other components have been removed by a trained technician, the appliance is either baled or shredded. Metals such as copper are separated manually before the shredding process. After shredding, the steel is magnetically separated and shipped to mills where it can be made into new products. The remaining material (called "fluff") can be put in a landfill or burned in a resources recovery plant.

"Recycle Appliances" is a publication created by the partnership of I Love a Clean San Diego County, Inc, and City of San Diego Environmental Services Department, The Steel Recycling Institute and San Diego Gas and Electric.

County Appliance Recycling Centers

                               Remove     Charges
Appliance Recyclers            CFCs       (subject to change)

* Ah-Ha! Appliance Recycling Yes $20-40 for RF 5466 Lea St., San Diego (only 265-2155 RF) * Albies Appliance Installation No $10 for all non-working 2253 S. Santa Fe, Ste E Vista 727-2433 All-Ways Recycling No 3055 Commercial St., San Diego 238-6740 Borrego Springs Landfill No $20 for all appliances Recycling Center 2449 Palm Cyn. Rd, Borrego Springs 974-2661 California Metals Yes $5 for appliances. No RF. 297 S. Marshall Ave. El Cajon 444-3111 CalWest Appliance Exchange Yes $15 for any CFC removal 5869 Market St., San Diego 264-4242 Ecology Scrap Metal Division Yes 981 Heritage Rd., San Ysidro 661-1148 Escondido Recycling 1350 W. Mission Rd., Escondido Yes Call for prices 745-4832 * Fallbrook Recycling Center Yes Call for prices 418 W. Aviation Road, Fallbrook 728-6114 Lee's Iron & Metal No 1315 Lee Dr., Vista 724-1330 Miramar Recycling Center Yes $10 all CFC appliances 5165 Convoy St., San Diego 268-8971 Otay Buyback Center Yes 1751 Maxwell Rd., Chula Vista 421-9494 Pacific Steel Inc No 1700 Cleveland Ave., National City 474-7081 Paul Brown No 149 Redd Ct., Chula Vista 425-7197 Ramona Landfill No $20 for all appliances 20630 Pamo Rd., (near Burma Rd.) 974-2661 Rancho Recycling Center No 2555 Sweetwater Springs Blvd, Spring Valley 670-7500 San Marcos Recycling Yes $20 for all appliances 1595 Questhaven Rd., San Marcos 974-2661 Universal Recycling Yes $5 for RF,FR,WH 14494 Mast Blvd., Santee over 50 gal 448-4295 County Bin Sites Will Remove Charges Appliance Recyclers CFCs (subject to change)
Alpine - Barrett Junction Yes $5 for first 1090 Barrett Lake Rd., $20 each after (9 miles north off Hwy 94) 974-2661 Boulevard Yes $5 for first, 41907 Old Hwy 80 $20 each after (1/2 mile west of McCain Valley Rd.) 974-2661 Campo Yes $5 for first, 1515 Buckman Springs Rd. $20 each after (1 mi north of Nwy 94 at Cameron Crns) 974-2661 Julian Yes $5 for first, 500 Pleasant View Dr. $20 each after (east of Hwy 79, SE of Julian) 974-2661 Ocotillo Wells Yes $5 for first, (north side of County airport) $20 each after 974-2661 Palomar Mountain Yes $5 for first, 21600 East Grade Hwy (S-7) $20 each after (near Birch Hill) 974-2661 Ranchita Yes $5 for first, Montezuma Valley Rd., Hwy S3 $20 each after 974-2661 Sunshine Summit Yes $5 for first, 34340 Hwy 79, Warner Springs $20 each after (west side of Hwy 79) 974-2661 Vallecito Yes $5 for first, Mile post 34, Hwy S-2 $20 each after (4 miles NW of Agua Caliente) 974-2661 Viejas, (Descanso, Japatul) Yes $5 for first, 7850 Campbell Ranch Rd. $20 each after (1/4 miles South of I-8) 974-2661 * Pick-Up Service available; call for info RF= Refrigerators WH= water heater FR= freezer