Help your company to buy recycled!!

provided by Solana Recyclers

Each year, ecosystems are altered and millions of trees are cut to support our paper consumption needs. You can help solve this problem through buying recycled paper. Ask your current vendor if it is available, or read further to find out more about a national project that makes buying recycled paper easy and affordable.

    With help from the US EPA and other seed funders, the Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative (Co-op) was developed in May of 1999. The Co-op is a national nonprofit program whose goal is to close the price gap between virgin and recycled paper, and thus increase the use of recycled paper in the public and private sectors. Currently, the Co-op is providing recycled papers at between 8% to 40% below the market price for this commodity. This economic incentive and the Co-op's educational efforts are the drivers that are motivating buyers to switch from using virgin to using recycled products. Members include: The City of San Diego, Sea World, LSI Logic, Union Bank, Texas Instruments, and hundreds more.

    The simple action of using recycled paper supports recycling markets, bolsters the economy, creates sustainable jobs, and most importantly has the potential to preserve millions of trees every year. Every 5.5 cases saves the equivalent of one tree 40 feet tall. Do your part, buy recycled!

    For more information, visit www or call (800) 694-8355.

    The RPPC is sponsored in part by The S. Mark Taper Foundation, McCarthy Family Foundation, and Union Bank of California.