Encinitas dry cleaners accept hangers for recycling

olana Recyclers, a non-profit recycling company in Encinitas, has started a pilot program for metal hanger recycling. Three dry cleaners in Encinitas are set up as drop off points for the collection of hangers for recycling. Solana Recyclers will regularly pick up the hangers and transport them to a scrap metal dealer for recycling.
Metal hangers are made of steel, a readily recyclable resource that is used to manufacture products like car parts, nails and food cans. "By recycling your metal hangers, mining waste is reduced and a valuable resource is conserved. Recycling steel saves 74 percent of the energy used to produce them from raw materials," says Jacy Davis, Executive Director of Solana Recyclers. Paper on the hangers is O.K., please remove any wood or foam.
Dry cleaners participating in the program are:
Best Cleaners
459 Santa Fe Dr.

Tops Cleaners
475 Encinitas Blvd.

Top's One Hour Cleaners
267 N. El Camino Real
"We urge residents to work toward recycling their hangers, and if one of these locations is not convenient ask your current dry cleaner if they reuse hangers," recommended Andrea Calbow, Solana Recyclers' Project Coordinator. Calbow found that several of the dry cleaners surveyed were already willing to accept certain types of hangers for reuse.