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Scientist warns of threat to last stronghold of endangered turtle (4/06)

Sumatran tiger on brink of extinction (4/04)
WWF efforts yield two new national parks in Indonesia (4/04)

Researchers begin to divide the world according to evolutionary genetics (8/03)
Sen. Boxer's California Wild Heritage Act to protect threatened wild places (8/03)
Help count bald eagles at Big Bear Lake (8/03)
More roads and increasing development: taking a toll on America's wildlife and natural habitats (6/03)
Popular weed killer disrupts frogs' sexual development (6/03)
San Diego River Park (4/03)
Replenishing rockfish populations (4/03)
Lake Powell drained 50% four years to go! (2/03)
Polar bear faces extinction (2/03)
Ignored species play key role in ecosystem interactions (2/03)
Proliferation of Argentine ants in California linked to declines in coastal horned lizards (1/03)
Senate Judiciary Committee votes to ban cruel canned hunts (1/03)
Court stops Makah whale hunt (1/03)
Industrial fishing threatens sharks, dolphins, billfish (1/03)

Aquaculture industry must embrace environmental ideology to grow (12/02)
Sea turtle strandings reached record high last summer (12/02)
Park Service project could exterminate rare deer mouse (11/03)
Colorado Riverkeeper founded (11/03)
Going ape over 100 years (11/03)
2002 Wolf Awareness Week (10/02)
San Diego River Conservancy Bill signed by governor (10/02)
Environmental Defense defends states' rights to control offshore drilling decisions (10/02)
Bureau of Reclamation wants to flood Grand Canyon to save native fish (10/02)
In midst of salmon kill, fishermen challenge long-term plan for the Klamath Basin (10/02)
San Juan river endangered fish in jeopardy because of Navajo Dam (10/02)
Public calls on US government to protect the world's coral reefs (10/02)
North Atlantic swordfish show dramatic recovery (10/02)
Want to save gorillas? Enforce laws (9/02)
G-Strings or Gorillas? (9/02)
Help preserve Bernardo Mountain (8/02)
100 years later, US Reclamation Bureau stuck In 19th century (8/02)
Landmark conservation deal adds 38,000 acres to North Carolina open space (8/02)
House votes to protect California coast from offshore drilling (8/02)
Pacific rockfish closures tough, but much-needed (8/02)
House committee votes to rollback fish conservation laws (8/02)
National Trust names Kw’st’an Sacred Sites one of America’s 11 most endangered historic places (6/02)
Nature vs. Politics: Saving urban canyons (5/02)
Salton Sea "international avian airport" for migratory birds threatened by proposed water transfer (5/02)
US environment continues to improve, annual Earth Day report finds (5/02)
Report links sprawl to declining coastal health (5/02)
Nature Conservancy purchases 2,100-acre Rancho Cuyamaca (4/02)
Climate change threatens health of America’s lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands (4/02)
Longline fishing threatens world’s albatrosses and other birds with extinction (4/02)

Ecology and economics: Protecting water resources is good business (11/01)
Southern Orange County: Conservation priorities for a biodiversity hotspot (11/01)
Assemblymember Kehoe presents $1.5 million check for San Diego River (10/01)
Breakthrough agreement to protect San Joaquin kit fox (10/01)
Urban canyons or urban beaches: What's the choice? (8/01)
Environmental groups claim victory in Federal oil lawsuit (7/01)
United Nations launches extensive study of earth's ecosystems (7/01)
Running out of reptiles (6/01)
Good-Bye Habitat (4/01)
Multiple Species Conservation Program (4/01)
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy closes escrow on critical parcel (4/01)
Orangutan numbers plummeting worldwide (4/01)
Public asked for input in Cleveland National Forest Management Plan update (3/01)
Upstream US dams imperil downstream Mexican clams (3/01)
Commerce Department finds record high number of US fish stocks in jeopardy (3/01)
Restoration of tropical forests gets under way (3/01)
A bigger pollution problem than sewage spills? (2/01)
Judge approves settlement to protect endangered species from livestock (2/01)
Nearly half the Amazon could be lost in the next 20 years (2/01)
Crusading for wild steelhead, the San Diego River and Rose Canyon Creek (1/01)
International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) launched to raise biodiversity awareness (1/01)

Not so dolphin-friendly tuna from Mexico in US supermarkets? (12/00)
Contaminants may play an important role in California amphibian declines (12/00)
More than $7 billion committed to open space protection (12/00)
Humane Society urges sanctions against Japan's whaling policies (12/00)
EPA announces phased ban of pesticide Diazinon (12/00)
"Mother Nature" is unhappy with San Diego River Valley preserve (11/00)
BLM withdraws Indian Pass to protect sacred sites (11/00)
Transfer of microorganism facilitated by ballast water (11/00)
Assemblywoman Susan Davis increases protection of California's wetlands (10/00)
Project STAR: Simple Technology Against Runoff (9/00)
ntelligent consumption: The Forest Service role (9/00)
Help save the redwoods (9/00)
Clinton-Gore Administration proposed significant new protection for the nation's wetlands (9/00)
Lagoonatics (8/00)
Creating the future of Anza-Borrego State Park (7/00)
California Attorney General supports SOFAR lawsuit against the County (7/00)
Pacific leatherback turtles face extinction (7/00)
California - Land of Lakes (6/00)
New protections for California desert (6/00)
Loss in biodiversity by year 2100 could be consequence of global change (5/00)
Wetlands restoration leads the way at Famosa Slough (5/00)
After 5-year battle, Mitsubishi ends Baja Mexico salt plant project (3/00)
Population density, growth threaten species-rich "hotspots" (3/00)
Transgenic fish could threaten wild populations (2/00)
The Canyon Bust (1/00)
America's wildlife winners and losers of the twentieth century (1/00)
Death of a rainforest (1/00)
UN takes steps toward saving Laguna San Ignacio (1/00)

California's South Coast foothills named one of Scenic America's 1999 "Last Chance Landscapes (12/99)
A Delta Once More (10/99)
Communication towers are killing birds (10/99)
Plant losses threaten future food supplies and health care (10/99)
Laguna San Ignacio opens a new front (10/99)
City of San Diego plans road construction in 37 open-space canyons (5/99)
In logged forests, hunting of wildlife becomesdeadly "second harvest" (5/99)
Road building moratorium falls short of safeguarding unprotected wilderness (3/99)
Sierra Club calls Clinton's investment in America's heritage a bold step forward (2/99)

Rolex recognizes scientist for seahorse conservation work (11/98)
A more practical way to save tigers (11/98)
CMC blasts WTO sea turtle decision (11/98)
Another pesticide surprise [frogs] (11/98)
Anza-Borrego park acquires wetland (9/98)
How will increased ultraviolet radiation affect forests? (5/98)
Endangered Species Act held hostage (4/98)
And then there were none: disappearing tigers, toads and pollywogs (3/98)
Marine reserves: A promising toolto protect oceans (3/98)

A new preserve for San Diego Bay (3/98)
Flooding: brought to you by the City of San Diego (2/98)
Protecting our wetlands it's the water (2/98)
Rainforest fires: the U.S. link (2/98)
Demonstrating the benefits of biodiversity (1/98)
Americans spending more dollars and days off to enjoy wildlife (1/98)

Back Country Coalition works for conservation (12/97)
Support The San Diego County Rural Heritage & Watershed Initiative(12/97)
Last call of the wild (11/97)
"What's going on?" I'm a little confused, are you? (11/97)
The flood next time...(10/97)
City set to reduce wetlands protections (10/97)
Celebrate wildlife in October! (10/97)
Creek restoration and kids ecology education (8/97)
The economic value of wetlands and open spaces (6/97)
Planning for growth: An eagle's eye view (2/97)
Raptor Rapture in Ramona (2/97)
Golden eagles losing ground in the county (2/97)
County faces contempt hearing over land use changes (2/97)
The devil is in the details (2/97)

From natural canyonlands to landfill - and back again (12/96)
Animals in the red (11/96)
SD Wildlife Day salutes native mammals and birds (11/96)
Over 800 acres added to permanent preserve (10/96)
Incentives and biodiversity (5/96)

Cougars and Humans: who is attacking whom? (3/96)
Forests nationwide brutally clear-cut (3/96)

Dolphin-safe tuna fishing and bycatch (2/96)

Turtle-safe shrimping (2/96)

Carol Lozito: wildlife artist (12/95)
The wildlife rescuers (11/95)
North County habitat preservation (10/95)
Adopt-A-Wilderness Program (10/95)
Dumb eco-criminals (10/95)
Bats: everything you know is wrong (7/95)
The endangered Endangered Species Act (6/95)
"Staying Alive!" Assessing the Endangered Species Act (5/95)
25 Messages from wildlife (4/95)
Where do the elephant seals go? (3/95)
Sweeping retreat on environment forging ahead in Washington, D.C. (3/95)
Raptors: maintaining nature's balance (2/95)

Floodplain fever: the trolley arrives in Mission Valley (12/94)
There's a new wildlife policy in Kenya: use it or lose it (12/94)
Biological diversity: every little bit counts (10/94)
Book by San Diego students celebrates local species (10/94)
Koala numbers down (10/94)
Equity over exploitation: global guidelines for corporate giants (10/94)
Saving Liberia's rainforests (8/94)
It comes down to the coasts (8/94)
Wyland brings Whaling Wall to San Diego (8/94)
South Bay Sewage treatment plant update (8/94)
Tijuana River: A controversy flows through it (6/94)
Saving the endangered sea turtles (6/94)
Santa Margarita River: refuge in an urbanizing land (4/94)
MSCP plans the future of conservation in San Diego (2/94)
Living with mountain lions (2/94)
The bridge to nowhere [Chula Vista Nature Center] (2/94)
Llamas: not just another pretty face (2/94)

Extinction . . . made in Taiwan (12/93)