Senate Judiciary Committee votes to ban cruel canned hunts

provided by The Fund for Animals

he Fund for Animals, a national ani mal protection organization, praised the Senate Judiciary Committee for last month's passage, by voice vote, of a bill that will help stop the inhumane and un-sporting practice of shooting tame, captive, exotic animals for trophies within fenced enclosures at “canned hunts.” Senate Bill 1655, the Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act, introduced by Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), will prohibit the interstate sale or transport of exotic mammals for the purpose of canned hunts.

    “Several states ban or restrict canned hunts, but there are no laws currently prohibiting the sale of exotic animals from those states to others in which canned hunts are legal,” said Heidi Prescott, National Director of The Fund for Animals. According to Prescott, exotic animals killed in canned hunts are fenced in, tied up or otherwise blocked from running free. They often come from zoos, circuses, or roadside attractions where they have become used to humans. “We hope this is the first step to stop this unsavory and unsporting practice,” said Prescott. “The issue has wildlife advocates, biologists, and even hunters working together.”

    The Fund for Animals has released a comprehensive report, “Canned Hunts: Unfair At Any Price,” which analyzes the statutes and regulations governing canned hunts in all 50 states. The Fund has also produced a public service announcement on canned hunts for television stations nationwide, featuring Jerry Orbach of “Law & Order.” More information is available on The Fund for Animals' web site dedicated to this issue,