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Assault on battery (4/07)

Sick of dust? Hazardous chemicals found in household dust across the United States (4/05)
Waves not walls: border pollution solutions (4/05)
Resolve the conflict of environmental guilt vs. lifestyle with TerraPass (4/05)
Fishers and their families at risk from polluted fish (4/05)

Five power companies answer WWF challenge to commit to clean energy and support limits on carbon dioxide emissions (4/04)
Chemical industry's (formerly) secret plan to attack California's anti-toxics trend (4/04)

Top utility, energy & auto companies failing on global-warming risk disclosures (8/03)
Modern pit facility hearing draws protest (8/03)
Two scientists share Heinz Award for the Environment (8/03)
Public demands State Water Board eliminate illegal pollution exemptions (8/03)
The Best and Worst beaches throughout California (6/03)
Bush administration hides reports on mercury risks while weakening mercury protections (6/03)
Popular weed killer disrupts frogs' sexual development (6/03)
Researchers explore a new toxic pollution site: People (4/03)
Report confirms severe air pollution from factory farms (4/03)
Boxer introduces bill to regulate perchlorate (4/03)
The three-and-a-half pound microchip: environmental implications of the IT revolution (2/03)
Greenhouse gas emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol kicks off with historic transaction (2/03)
Scientists seek environmentally friendly wood preservative (2/03)
CWA, environmental group seek to stop use of toxic wood preservatives (2/03)
Prescription drug pollution may harm humans, aquatic life (2/03)
EPA announces pilot online tool to access facilities' environmental compliance (1/03)

More evidence links pesticide use with amphibian decline (12/02)
California misses opportunity for cleaner water (12/02)
Environmental Defense lawsuit forces EPA to protect public from smog (12/02)
What happens to rubber that wears off auto tires? (12/02)
Doctor links ailments to consumption of mercury-laden fish (12/02)
American poor suffer more from environmental hazards (11/02)
Groups sue EPA over neglect of San Joaquin Valley particulate air pollution (11/02)
US Supreme Court upholds Vermont's landmark labeling law (10/02)
Pollution reductions from off-road vehicles, particularly snowmobiles, fall short (10/02)
Air pollution fatalities now exceed traffic fatalities by 3 to 1 (10/02)
New report highlights California's hidden air quality menace (9/02)
Research shows how pollutants affect tree growth (9/02)
Jetski deadline extended at eight National Park Service recreation areas (9/02)
Governor Davis signs groundbreaking bill to reduce auto-related global warming pollution (8/02)
"Pay as You Throw" programs reduce waste by 17 percent (8/02)
State Attorneys General letter to President Bush (8/02)
General Motors is global warmer number one (8/02)
Particulate air pollution and health: the facts (8/02)
Polluted water costs city & county billions (6/02)
Toxic waste production increased by 8 billion pounds in 2000 (6/02)
Sierra Club urges senators to approve treaty to eliminate toxic chemicals, protect public health (6/02)
United Phosphorus lawsuit against BASF and Micro Flo for counterfeit pesticide sales moves forward (6/02)
Air quality and pollen: How the tree you choose can effect the environment (5/02)
Court affirms historic clean air standards (5/02)
Strong new air quality standards for particulate matter to be considered by the California Air Resources Board (5/02)
Survey identifies drugs most likely to be found in the environment (5/02)
Engineers developing new, environmentally friendly ways to make microchips (5/02)
Showering boosts concentrations of potentially hazardous trihalomethanes (5/02)
Agricultural fungicide could cause irreversible immune system damage (5/02)
New storm water ordinance for San Diego (4/02)
British Petroleum beats greenhouse gas target by eight years (4/02)
Similar patterns of ground water pollution found in United States and China (4/02)
State confirms public health hazard (4/02)

Mobility study warns of gridlock, pollution (12/01)
The Scotchgard Papers (12/01)
New technology to reduce vehicle pollution (12/01)
Tiny pollution particles may carry large consequences for earth's water supply (12/01)
The "real" deal about nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks (11/01)
New system removes roadway contaminants (11/01)
Monitoring coastal waters from Tijuana to Ensenada (8/01)
Study reveals critical factors affecting urban pollution (7/01)
Air pollution control efforts will add to global warming if carbon monoxide is not curbed along with nitrogen oxides (7/01)
Chemicals in environment may increase drug abuse (7/01)
Findings may boost efforts to destroy pollutants with ultrasound (6/01)
Most-serious greenhouse gas is increasing, international study finds (6/01)
Dirty dozen chemicals targeted by U.N. conference (6/01)
US EPA fines UCSD & UCLA for PCB violations (6/01)
New legislation would provide equal health protection for neighbors of the military (5/01)
New technology reduces noxious emissions (5/01)
Researchers design water quality sampling scheme (5/01)
San Diego's Cleanest Cleaners (5/01)
Strong radiation protection standards essential for Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository (3/01)
Shellfish aquaculture can clean waterways (3/01)
DNA "Fingerprinting" traces water pollution sources (3/01)
Cleaner chip-making method uses carbon dioxide fluid (3/01)
New Storm Water Program (2/01)
Dioxin is listed as "Known Human Carcinogen" in federal government report (2/01)
EPA to regulate air pollution from big ocean vessels (2/01)
Pollution Culture (1/01)
The hidden freshwater crisis (1/01)
EPA dramatically reduces pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses; cuts sulfur levels in diesel fuel (1/01)
Mexico's pollution release and transfer registry: Long road yet to go (1/01)
Wetlands system recycles building's wastewater (1/01)
Aiborne nitrogen contributes pollution to US estuaries (1/01)

Contaminants may play an important role in California amphibian declines (12/00)
EPA announces phased ban of pesticide Diazinon (12/00)
San Diego Bay Council names Clean Water Leaders, Losers (11/00)
San Diego BayKeeper and Surfrider Foundation threaten sewage lawsuit (11/00
Supervisor Pam Slater takes the lead on solutions to polluted runoff (10/00)
SUV makers reap billions from tax loophole (10/00)
Vapor-recovery system captures and recycles air pollutants (10/00)
Project STAR: Simple Technology Against Runoff (9/00)
Public supports equal Navy regulation for environmental protection and emergency planning (9/00)
Ozone found to have direct effect on genes linked with plants' aging (9/00)
EPA's Agency-wide Multimedia Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Pollutants Initiative (9/00)
EPA's methylmercury guidelines will protect most Americans, but some may be at risk (8/00)
The Chemical Meadow (8/00)
Sodium azide in car airbags poses growing environmental hazard (8/00)
Carbon dioxide could replace global-warming refrigerant (8/00)
Transpacific air pollution is worse than was suspected (8/00)
Environmental regulations don't drive up home prices (7/00)
New EPA water quality regulations (7/00)
Cleaning up petroleum spills with plants (7/00)
US carbon dioxide emissions -- 1999 (7/00)
In-home pesticide exposure increases Parkinson's risk (7/00)
Public speaks to regional water board about Navy concerns (6/00)
EPA should improve methods for estimating pollutants in vehicle emissions (6/00)
Linked air-water model predicts pollutant loads, increases urban security (6/00)
Air pollution from Asia could violate new federal ozone standards (6/00)
New health research 'vindicates' EPA; soot particles are deadly, Lung Association notes (5/00)
Millions of American children and teens affected by lead exposure (5/00)
Common pesticide product reduces testosterone; possibly contributory factor to male infertility (5/00)
Detroit automakers worst in first pollution ranking (5/00)
Two actions you can take to reduce Navy pollution (5/00)
GAO study links aircraft emissions to global warming (4/00)
Air pollution can prevent rainfall (4/00)
2.3 Million pounds of poison: methyl bromide use near California schools (4/00)
Public speaks out against growing navy nuclear risks (3/00)
Nuclear carrier accident calls into question Navy's willingness to notify the public (2/00)
US can still meet emissions target on time, with big savings (2/00)
Scripps scientists pinpoint new, major source of atmospheric methyl bromide (2/00)
Superbug for digesting atomic waste (2/00)
Research suggests widely used models may under predict pollution (2/00)
The crabgrass is greener than you think (2/00)
Take the clean car pledge (2/00)
Coastal Commission approves more nuclear carriers in San Diego Bay over community objections (1/00)

Benefits of 1990 clean air amendments outweigh costs by four-to-one margin (12/99)
2000 model year Nissan Sentra certified as cleanest gasoline-fueled car in the world (12/99)
Dealing with smog (11/99)
Some candle wicks emit potentially dangerous levels of lead into the air (11/99)
Health risks from PVC plastic (11/99)
Plastic chemicals could be cause of reproductive weight problems (11/99)
Polls show strong support for cleaner SUVs (10/99)
Problems with nitrogen pollution (10/99)
Quality Inn & Suites Hotel adopts ISO 14001 environmental management system (9/99)
DPR releases 1997 pesticide use data (9/99)
Phasing out coal (9/99)
Pollution inside your car? (9/99)
122 companies responsible for nearly 80 percent of world's fossil-fuel carbon pollution (9/99)
 "An unacceptable risk" say top world scientists of Mitsubishi's Baja, Mexico salt factor (9/99)
Coalition of groups call for the F.A.C.T.s: Fair Agricultural Chemical Taxes (7/99)
Economy grows in 1998, global warming pollution doesn't (7/99)
Bluewater settles lawsuit with recreation industry over pollution by jet skis and snowmobiles (7/99)
Highway projects must comply with clean air plans (7/99)
Navy attitude toward San Diego civilian healthand safety invites citizen lawsuits (6/99)
Pollutants in house dust increase pesticide's toxicity (6/99)
California ordered to adopt methyl bromide regulations (5/99)
Caltrans' excessive herbicide use on California roads (5/99)
Wildlife Fund wants world DDT ban (5/99)
Pollution Politics Persists (4/99)
Complaint against Mexican government and Mitsubishi for salt plant damage to gray whale nursery (4/99)
How to stop that junk mail (4/99)
Kehoe leads California Coastal Commission in strengthening coastal program protections. (3/99)
Car Talk (3/99)
Personal pollution prevention (3/99)
Dioxins the view from Europe (3/99)
Wildlife Fund wants a world DDT ban (2/99)
One scientist's story: leukemia and the nuclear industry in France (2/99)

Environmental Services asks residents to reduce holiday waste (12/98)
UPS & Alliance for Environmental Innovation deliver greener packaging (12/98)
New $500 million chemical testing program (12/98)
EHC report finds children are at risk (12/98)
Another pesticide surprise (11/98)
Professor working on natural pesticides (11/98)
Researchers develop clean-burning synthetic diesel fuel (11/98)
Drugs in the water (10/98)
Cattle diets could control E. coli danger (10/98)
Life on earth is hazardous to your health (10/98)
Science article criticizes federal policy regarding lead exposure and children's health (10/98)
Study suggests weekly hurricane and rainfall patterns are linked to East Coast pollution (9/98)
US oil companies continue to avoid MMT (9/98)
Gritty research leads scientists to metal-loving discovery (9/98)
What toxic pesticides are used near yourkid's's school? (9/98)
The Precautionary Principle (3/98)
Backyard chemical warfare (3/98)
Sick building study blames air, not attitudes (3/98)

San Diego achieves cleanest air since 1955 (2/98)
Even in Roman times, human activity altered atmospheric composition (2/98)
Alternative fuels for pollution reduction (1/98)
Eleven major chemical makers agree to health tests; some refuse (1/98)


Living downstream (10/97)
Pollution related beach closures (8/97)
2-stroke engines pollute 2 much (8/97)
Cigarette butts and beverage containers top beach litter (8/97)
Activist mom wins environmental prize (8/97)
"Death Zones" in San Diego Bay (7/97)

Lawsuit seeks to clean up bay (7/97)

EHC's action plan for toxic hot spots in San Diego Bay (7/97)
A Heavy Metal Story (5/97)

Just say no to poisons! (5/97)
A water pollution odyeesy (3/97)
Think globally, act locally: World Water Day is March 22 (3/97)
Support the Beach Safety Bill (3/97)

Pollution strikes La Jolla beaches (11/96)
The Politics of Pollution (11/96)
U.S. EPA finalizes approval of California's clean air plans (10/96)
Polluters whine as state gets serious about air pollution (10/96)

Repairing a legacy of pollution by Kelco (10/96)
Camp Pendleton clean-up restoring site on national priorities list (10/96)
City of Chula Vista adopts pollution prevention policy (9/96)
8th annual Beach Cleanup Day on September (9/96)
Congressional support for federal pesticide rollbacks and campaign contributions (9/96)
Pest control with a conscience (9/96)
Can killing bugs kill our pets? (6/96)
Healthy pets, no fleas (6/96)
The Port District doesn't know which way the wind is blowing! (6/96)
Tiny particles in air liked to 1,000 early deaths in San Diego (6/96)
Take care of your air (6/96)
The war on pests (6/96)
Home safe home (4/96)
Safe storage of toxic household products (4/96)

Toxic waste handling (11/95)
Wastewater wars update (9/95)
Children's Environmental Index ranks best and worst U.S. cities (8/95)
Testing the waters (8/95)
The dogs of war (6/95)
San Diego City Council approves a "final solution" for the Tijuana River Valley (6/95)
Clean laundry - no soap
Hazard on the highway [diesel pollution] (5/95)
A giant spraying sound [pesticide use] (5/95)
San Diego's clean water wars: reports from the front lines (4/95)
The truth about cotton (4/95)
Ocean water quality threats off San Diego (3/95)
A surfer's guide to surviving polluted water (3/95)
Clean Water Act beached by Congress (3/95)
The History of a Cup of Coffee (2/95)
New collection program pays cash for used auto oil (2/95)
New groundwater purification process (1/95)
First Green Seal approval for metal paint (1/95)
As the Wastewater Flows: an update (1/95)

How healthy is your bedroom? (11/94)
South Bay Sewage treatment plant update (8/94)
Tijuana River: A controversy flows through it (4/94)

Are green markets an alternative to pollution laws (12/93)
Electric bus marks new smog-free era (12/93)