Take the Clean Car Pledge

Keep the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate!

provided by Union of Concerned Scientists

n a major effort to demonstrate demand and encourage production of clean vehicles, the Union of Concerned Scientists has kicked off the Clean Car Pledge Campaign. This campaign will continue for the next few months leading up to the decision that the California Air Resources Board will be making on continuation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program.

California's ZEV Program has been the driving force behind the development of clean car technologies, and has been strongly supported by environmental groups. It is the only program in the country that requires automakers to manufacture zero-and near-zero emission vehicles. It can claim credit for many automotive advancements in the past decade, including placing battery electric cars on the road and encouraging automakers to design cleaner gasoline vehicles. The program has become a model for the nation and has been adopted by New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

With the encouragement of the ZEV Program, automakers have shown they can design and manufacture cleaner cars. However they have been reluctant to market clean technologies, claiming consumers don't want clean cars. When the California ZEV program comes up for review this next year, automakers will try to weaken, if not eliminate, the program.

Consumer support through the Clean Car Pledge campaign is the best way to counter the arguments automakers are making against the viability of continued production of ZEVs. Thousands of individuals have signed a simple pledge that they will purchase the greenest vehicle available that fits their needs and budget in making their next automobile purchase.

Will the ZEV program be continued? Will clean cars become the vehicles of the future or just a flash in the pan? It's up to us! By being an early adopter of a new technology, your impact will be much greater. Take 30 seconds right now to sign the Clean Car Pledge. In doing so, you will send a message to automakers that, yes, there is a demand for cars that reduce global warming and air pollution. You will find the pledge at www.cleancarpledge.org.

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