How to stop that junk mail

by Melissa Schweisguth

re you one of those people who recycles (or even throws away) your junk mail (Values, Penny-saver, etc.) without even reading it? Did you know you can cancel much of your junk mail, saving lots of trees and hassles, by making a few phone calls? Just in time for Earth Day and spring cleaning, here are the numbers to call to get specific things cancelled:

Pennysaver (619) 576-6137

Mailbox Values Valpak (619) 560-7606

Advo (619) 584-1011

Adworks (619) 271-0707

Union Tribune (619) 293-1457

To stop credit card ads, call:

Target Marketing Serv. (800) 353-0809

TransUnion (800) 241-2858

Equifax (800) 219-1251

It takes 6-8 weeks for changes to go through. If you continue to get ads after this point, leave a nice little note in your mailbox alerting the mail delivery person that you've been removed from the list and they will stop delivering the ads .

To prevent your name from being placed on new mailing lists in general, send a postcard to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P. O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

Use the following content on the card:


NAME: _____________________________

STREET: __________________ APT#: _____

CITY: ________________________________

STATE: _______ ZIP CODE: _______ - ______

SIGNATURE: _________________________

A separate card is needed for each person in your apartment/household.

After several months you will begin receiving less advertising mail from national marketers such as credit cards, sweepstakes and magazine subscription offers, and catalogs. Local businesses and organizations usually do not use this program. You will continue to receive mail from companies with which you already do business.

Not all companies use MPS to purge their mailing lists, therefore, you may continue to receive some companies' promotions. In this instance, contact the company directly and ask to be placed on the company's do-not-mail file.

Melissa is a 2nd year Student in the Joint Doctoral Program in Language and Communicative Disorders at University of California and co-coordinator, San Diego chapter of Free Burma,