8th Annual Beach Cleanup Day on September 21

provided by I Love A Clean San Diego County, Inc.
olunteers at more than 25 locations can become involved in a day-long event of environmental education and hand-on participation by scouring our beaches to pick up trash, from the border to Oceanside. Participants will receive a voucher to visit Sea World for only $10 on any one day from September 21 - 29 with 50 percent of the proceeds going directly to I Love a Clean San Diego County, Inc.
The beach is a home to a great diversity of plants and animals. Items like six-pack rings, straws, and fishing line entangle and kill sea birds, fish and mammals. People injure themselves on broken bottles and a variety of sharp objects left or washed up on the beach. Human pollution, plastics and oil harm or kill near-shore organisms.
Come out for a day of good work in the sun, meet other active, committed San Diegans, and help continue our tradition of caring for the environment. To register or for more info call ILCSD at 467-0103.