Pest control with a conscience

Are household pests prompting reluctant calls to pest control companies? Do you have fears about the safety and toxicity of the pesticides used? Now there's a new choice.

merican Pest Control, a woman-owned professional company of more than 34 years, is on a phase out campaign in the use of dangerous pesticides to now offer highly effective, healthier alternative options.
In early 1995, American Pest Control's management was urged to reconsider its philosophy and address society's growing concerns about the use of certain types of toxic pesticides in and around the home. Now, after a year of in-house investigations and testing, American is happy to report unexpected success and feasibility of these new alternative weapons in the war against pests.
"With an ever increasing amount of inquiries from persons with health conditions and special needs, especially pregnancy, American became committed to finding and offering to the public, the safest, most intelligent products and methods within the industry," states Tamara Tibbett, General Manager of American Pest Control.
The harmful chemical pesticides in question - all available to the general public - are well known by environmental groups that vehemently oppose either professional application or home use by the public.
"We pondered the question that if you could smell vapors of the chemical, days after treatment, then weren't there actual particles of the active ingredients, along with the solvents, being inhaled and absorbed by customers as well?" asked Tibbett. Additionally, she feels that these new products and methods will greatly benefit the health and lower exposure risks for her company's field applicators.
One of American's licensed technicians, Randy Holley, stated, "We're told by Cal OSHA to keep our work uniforms separated from our family's laundry and have them professionally laundered. Well, how safe is it to apply these chemicals to a customer's carpet, especially if they have infants and small children crawling around? As a first-time expecting father, there's no way I'd spray my own home with the old chemicals. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment with the new, safer, less toxic alternatives," he stated emphatically.

Strict IPM guidelines

American Pest Control maintains strict adherence to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines set forth by EPA policies in serving schools, hospitals, nursing homes and public buildings. "With IPM techniques, coupled with our innovative line of human and environmentally friendly products, the past risks are all but eliminated, while effectiveness of our treatment is greatly enhanced," Tibbett added. American reports widespread success using alternatives in eliminating all general pests and rodents, including subterranean and drywood termites.
Furthermore, the company makes available a variety of information about their alternative option programs. They also offer documentation on hazardous pesticides, reported poisonings and environmental impact. Interested persons may call American at (619) 284-2633.