Just say no to poisons!

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onsumers can contribute to the environment every day by refusing to purchase products which contain hazardous ingredients or offer inferior performance. As business people involved with the industry, we are well aware of the challenges and pressures involved. Companies who use dangerous ingredients in their products have an economic advantage: it is often less expensive to manufacture a product using toxic ingredients to achieve minimum results, compared to an environmentally safe product. In fact, in our industry, the products that use the most dangerous poisons often enjoy the highest profit levels.

We firmly believe that the companies that manufacture products containing dangerous ingredients have a responsibility to develop environmentally-safe products. It may be difficult and expensive, but not impossible. Weather-Bos is one example of a manufacturer that chooses to use environmentally-safe ingredients, regardless of the additional cost. Weather-Bos produces environmentally-safe paints and stains and finishes providing protection, waterproofing and restoration for all wood (especially pine, fir, cedar, redwood and treated woods), masonry, fiberglass, concrete, and outdoor fabrics.

We do not envy the E.P.A.'s job of monitoring manufacturing, sale, use and disposal of the thousands of products society uses. Yet every year, thousands of products are registered with the E.P.A. that contain dangerous ingredients that are then sold and used, and ultimately end up in local disposal sites. We believe the E.P.A. must take a closer look at products that are not environmentally safe. We believe the E.P.A. has a responsibility to either force these companies to produce environmentally-safe products or take them off the market!

Ultimately it will be you the consumers who decide to solve this problem. As a market-driven economy, there can be no supply without demand. By simply refusing to purchase and use the products that contain dangerous ingredients, you can force these companies to develop products that are safe and avoid the toxic dumps of the future.

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