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Watch our Wallets (4/07)
Protect the public’s right to know(4/07)
Senator Christine Kehoe’s Earth Day message (4/07)

Save it, don’t pave it: Conspiracy and confusion at City Hall (4/06)
President's budget on the environment: More of the same misplaced priorities (4/06)
Efficiency resource standards: the next Big Bang for energy policy (4/06)

2005: Nature’s Crisis (4/05)

Senator Barbara Boxer hosted by San Diego Sierra Club (4/04)
Assemblymember Christine Kehoe names Carolyn Chase Woman of the Year (4/04
Tired of traffic? Tired of taxes? Be wary of more of the same (4/04)

Power Play (8/03)
Energy facts contradict Bush global warming plan (8/03)
State Republican budget plans threaten public health and environment (8/03)
Incompetence or Corruption? (8/03)
And the winners are... everyone (6/03)
Supervisors should give farmers a "fair deal" on GP 2020 (6/03)
Norton's 2025 Water Plan: propaganda to mask reality (6/03)
Operation End Extremism (4/03)
“Green Banking” flourishes at the grassroots (4/03)
America, 2003 (with apologies to Dr. Seuss) (4/03)
Free California: is independence the answer? (4/03)
Regional Comprehensive Plan public workshops (2/03)

Environmental Defense praises new Mccain-Lieberman climate bill (1/03)
Senate Judiciary Committee votes to ban cruel canned hunts (1/03)
The Environment: another casualty of war? (1/03)

Not my problem: Californians see but don't feel pain of growth-related challenges facing state (12/02)
Environmental Defense lawsuit forces EPA to protect public from smog (12/02)
The Clean Water Act: thirty years later (11/02)
Colorado Riverkeeper founded (11/02)
"E" is for: Environmental entropy and educing elections (11/02)
Local Sierra Club Endorsements for the November 5 election (10/02)
Councilmember Frye Kicks Off "On the Streets Where We Live" (10/02)
Environmental Defense defends states' rights to control offshore drilling decisions (10/02)
US Supreme Court upholds Vermont's landmark labeling law (10/02)
Think regionally. Vote locally. Stay focused (10/02)
Mayor seeks volunteers and sponsors for citywide tree planting (11/02)
Firefighters proclaim "no destructive forest policies in our name!" (9/02)
Proposed remedy for forest fires puts economic interests first (9/02)
Congress seeks to block public from protecting forests (9/02)
World Summit postmortem (9/02)
Absent Globally, Acting Locally: A ray of hope at Earth Summit's end (9/02)
Earth Day Network urges global grassroots movement to monitor World Summit goals (9/02)
100 years later, US Reclamation Bureau stuck In 19th century (8/02)
Restructuring taxes to protect the environment (8/02)
Plan before power (6/02)
Groups to protest 100th anniversary of Bureau of Reclamation (6/02)
Trees and the darker side of a community’s character (6/02)
Smart growth, wide debt, and intelligent ecocide (6/02)
Think small, plan big, and respect nothing (5/02)
Wake Up! (4/02)
I am ashamed (4/02)
Jane Goodall says: Turn the Tide (4/02)

Sierra Club announces ballot endorsements for March 2002 primary (12/01)
Property privileges (not rights) (12/01)
What can we do about terrorism? (11/01)
Advancing human security and controlling terrorism (11/01)
A good planet is hard to find (10/01)
Environmental groups claim victory in Federal oil lawsuit (7/01)
Scientists express grave concern over White House energy plan (6/01)
Regional questions (3/01)
Pollution Culture (1/01)

Tell Staples to stop destroying forests! (12/00)
More than $7 billion committed to open space protection (12/00)
Divided We Vote -- It's a Tie! (11/00)
Election 2000 How'd we do? (11/00)
San Diego Bay Council names Clean Water Leaders, Losers (11/00)
New pedestrian advocacy group presents San Diego's "terrible ten" dangerous intersections (11/00)
"Defying Nature's End: A Practical Agenda for Saving Life on the Planet" (11/00)
San Diego Earth Times endorsements for the November 7, 2000 General Election (10/00)
Comments on philosophy of endorsement (10/00)
Proposition 37 could change who pays for product impacts (10/00)
Open Secrets (10/00)
Assemblywoman Susan Davis increases protection of California's wetlands (10/00)
"V" is for Vision (9/00)
Political contraception (9/00)
Judge Dick Murphy supports Environmental Vision for City (8/00)
Market Failure (7/00)
G is for Green (5/00)
Two actions you can take to reduce Navy pollution (5/00)
Ambush week -- voters beware (3/00)
Rhetoric vs. Reality (2/00)
League announces endorsements (2/00)
Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO (2/00)
Congestion Politics (1/00)
Ozone layer recovery in jeopardy as administration backs industry interests (1/00)

Growth and Transportation Workshop (12/99)
The Oh-Oh Zone (12/99)
WTO: A report from the scene (12/99)
Congress flunks environmental test (12/99)
County Supervisors Pam Slater and Dianne Jacob honored for environmental achievement (11/99)
Dealing with smog (11/99)
Republican primary voters put environment ahead of tax cuts (10/99)
Home Depot announces commitment to stop selling old-growth wood (9/99)
Protecting the environment - what environmentalists do (7/99)
A little volunteering can prolong your life (5/99)
Sierra Club calls Clinton's investment in America's heritage a bold step forward (2/99)
One scientist's story: leukemia and the nuclear industry in France (2/99)
Talking trash: why, Coke not Pepsi? (2/99)

Sierra Club calls pork bailout a classic case of corporate welfare (12/98)
Ballot Box Realities (11/98)
Victory for the environment in key national races (11/98)
New book profiles "ordinary" environmental crusaders (11/98)
Rolex recognizes scientist for seahorse conservation work (11/98)
Politically Confused (10/98)
Tax cut to save life on earth (10/98)
Rural Heritage Ballot Prop. volunteers needed (9/98)
Water Alert: attend public hearing 5/12 in Encinitas (5/98)
It's time for region-wide development fees (5/98)
Conservation group endorses Zucchet for San Diego City Council (5/98)
Endangered Species Act held hostage (4/98)
New American dream: local leaders sought (3/98)
Don Quixotes of the environment (2/98)

Improving San Diego's Habitat Plan (11/97)
Community activists call for enforcement of clean water act and action on polluted runoff (11/97)
Protect the special nature of San Diego (10/97)
Activist mom wins environmental prize (8/97)
Apply for Pollution Prevention awards by Aug. 22 (8/97)
Protect the Special Nature of San Diego (8/97)
Peace Corps - still making a difference, are you ready? (8/97)
Paddle for Clean Water on August 16th (8/97)
To air is human (5/97)
San Diego: a sense of place (4/97)
Creating the future (4/97)
Environmental update (4/97)

Streamlining or steamrolling? (1/97)

Election '96: at stake for people and the planet
Local growth measures on the November ballot (10/96)
Congressional support for federal pesticide rollbacks and campaign contributions (9/96)
Border environmental plan seeking public comments (7/96)
Guerrilla Goodness: an interview with "Dreamcatcher" Ivan Scheier (7/96)
Consider this ... [make your purchase dollars count] (5/96)
Saving the environment during a Republican Congress (4/96)
Interview: Frances Moore Lapee and Paul Martin DuBois (4/96)
San Diego's congressional Environmental Scorecard finds heroes and zeroes (3/96)

Forests nationwide brutally clear-cut (3/96)
Getting politically active (1/96)
"N" is for Newt (1/96)

Save Our Forests and Ranchlands (12/95)
Endangered habitats League
Corporate welfare (11/95)
State of the World Forum (11/95)
SDED Restoration Project (11/95)
Making of an Environmental Conservative (10/95)
Environmental weekend (10/95)
Adopt-A-Wilderness Program (10/95)
Stanley Jordan at Fall Health Classic (10/95)
Environmental award (9/95)
Clastal Cleanup Day (9/95)
Restoring nature ... restoring hope (8/95)
The endangered Endangered Species Act (6/95)
Clean Water Act beached by Congress (3/95)
Sweeping retreat on environment forging ahead in Washington, D.C. (3/95)
Put your money where your future is (1/95)

Fear and loathing in Mira Mesa (12/94)
The How-to alternative to command and control rules (12/94)
The global citizen's plan (11/94)
Water in San Diego: plumbing and politics (10/94)
Unfortunately, not the last straw (6/94)