Jane Goodall says: Turn the Tide...

Dear Friend,

    We all know of the major environmental threats of our day. Many are the cumulative impact of numerous individual actions. Throughout my work in Africa and around the world, I have seen firsthand how people acting together also have the power to create positive environmental impact. Based on these experiences, I believe that informed and compassionate people must lead the way to improve the environment for all living things. Today I want to share with you a program that each of us can use to make a difference for the environment – a program that measures the difference and shows it to you right away.

    The program is called Turn the Tide and it consists of nine simple actions you can take that will have a positive, measurable, and effective impact on the earth. These are actions you can trust to make a real difference. They were gathered by the Center for a New American Dream – a respected national nonprofit – in consultation with scientists and leaders in the field of conservation. Turn the Tide uses on-line calculators to show you the positive impact you have each time you take one of these actions. You will see how many pounds of carbon dioxide emission you will prevent, how many gallons of water, pounds of sea life and numbers of trees you will save through what you are doing in your own home.

    Two-thirds of Americans say they would do more to conserve energy and protect the environment if they knew that such changes would have a measurable positive impact. Turn the Tide demonstrates to the public how much we can conserve working all together. For every thousand of us who Turn the Tide, we save a collective 48-million gallons of water, 12,250 pounds of sea life, and prevent the emission of 4 million pounds of climate warming carbon dioxide annually. That truly has a positive impact on the earth.

    Take a moment right now and see for yourself. Turn the Tide is located at www.newdream.org/turnthetide/. Register for the program. Report your actions and be counted – so we can show the world the difference we are making together.

    And please, forward this message to family and friends. Just think of all the difference we will make as more and more people begin to make small changes at home. Thanks – 190 million Americans are ready to take these important actions; we just have to tell them how!

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Jane Goodall

    Dr. Jane Goodall supports the Turn the Tide program. For more information about Dr. Jane Goodall's reasons for hope and the Jane Goodall Institute, please visit www.janegoodall.org.

    Turn the Tide was developed by the Center for a New American Dream, a national nonprofit organization that helps Americans change the way they consume to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice. For more information on the Center's other campaigns and programs, please visit www.newdream.org