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Community Renewal & Restoration Project

by Julaine Chattaway
ave the world by starting here in San Diego. Come join hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers in cleaning up and restoring three local areas in San Diego: Mission Trails Regional Park, Sweetwater Wildlife Refuge in Chula Vista and Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. Debris and non-native plant species will be removed and the areas will be replanted with native plants.
By restoring these areas, we will be tackling some of the biggest problems caused by non-native plants and animal species that have established themselves in different environments than those in which they have evolved. Because their natural enemies don't exist in these adopted environments, non-native species often proliferate so successfully that they crowd out naturally occurring native species. Most insects, birds and other animals have adopted just a few plant species for food, shelter and nesting. A loss of preferred species can result in endangerment, extinction or possibly the collapse of the whole ecosystem. All school ecology clubs, community and civic groups, businesses and environmental organizations in the San Diego area are invited to participate. All projects are free and open to the public. Participants get a free T-shirt from 91X radio station, refreshments from Palomar Mountain Spring Water and Pepsi, and a coupon from Ben & Jerry's.
If you wish to volunteer or just want more information , please contact Julaine Chattaway, Project Coordinator at (619) 272-7370. Together we can make a difference.

1995 Restoration Project Sites

Mission Trails (College Area)
Saturday November 4, 1995 9am - 3pm

Help restore the largest urban open space park in the United States.
Requires the removal of non-native plant species, water testing and light trail blazing.

Sweetwater River Wildlife Refuge (Chula Vista)
Saturday November 11, 1995 9am - 3pm

Preserve one of the finest undisturbed wetlands in San Diego.
Needs removal of non-native plants and debris, and water testing.

Fiesta Island (Mission Bay)
Saturday December 2, 1995 9am - 3pm

Help take back Mission Bay! Removal of non-native
plants, planting of natives and water testing.

Bring a Friend to a FREE Public Training Session:

Thursday November 2nd 6:30 - 7:30 - La Jolla YMCA,8355 Cliffridge Ave, La Jolla - Aerobics Rm.
Tuesday November 7th 6:30 -7:30 - Chula Vista Library, 365 F St. - Conference Rm.
End of November, call for date, - Fiesta Island Aquatic Center
Or, if your group is volunteering, we can come to you. Call us at 272-7370