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New San Diego Energy Resource Center opens (2/03)

Peace Corps - still making a difference, are you ready? (8/97)
A learning environment that matters: Waldorf schools (8/97)
The Green Restaurant Association (1/97)

San Diego Sustainability Network at work (9/96)
San Diego Earth Day presents ... the 1996 EARTH Awards (4/96)
The troubled Farm Bureau (2/96)

Save Our Forests and Ranchlands (12/95)
Endangered Habitats League (12/95)
R. Buckminster Fuller centenary celebration (7/95)
Greg Louganis leads Pride Parade (6/95)
1995 San Diego Environmental Achievement Award winners (5/95)
Raptors: maintaining nature's balance (2/95)
Earthkalah: Super*Kids for the future (1/95)

Audubon Contest for an All Species Halloween (10/94)
Good Morning Earth restaurants turn green (6/94)
Town meeting on UN population conference (2/94)
The bridge to nowhere [Chula Vista Nature Center] (2/94)