1995 San Diego Environmental Achievement Award Winners

hose who doubt that environmentalism is good business should consider the winners of San Diego Earth Day's 1995 Environmental Achievement and Restoration That Helps (EARTH) Awards.
The winners range from Be Wise Ranch, a community supported organic farm, to SGS-Thomson Microelectronics whose San Diego semiconductor facility was ranked number one in environmental management by the European Community. Other winners include BCD International, the manufacturer of the only household cleaner to have received a Green Seal certification; Elan Organic Coffees, an organic coffee importer; Found Stuff Paper Works, the maker of the "greenest" paper in America; and Lynn Froeschle, AIA, an architect.
These companies prove that striving to be on the cutting edge environmentally is a powerful impetus for creating innovative products, processes and jobs and also contribute greatly to improving morale.
The judges included San Diego Mayor Susan Golding; Jim Bell, an ecological consultant; Carolyn Chase, an Earth Day board member; and Bill Harris, a recycling specialist with the City of San Diego. The competition among the thirty-seven nominated companies was close. Due to the quality of the nominations, the judges recognized ten additional companies for their "notable achievements."
San Diego Earth Day presented these awards at its fifth annual Very Important Planet (VIP) Reception, held on April 20th at the Scripps Aquarium-Museum. The VIP Reception provides a forum for informal dialogue between the region's business, community and environmental leaders.

EARTH Award Winners

BCD International
Carlsbad - BCD International is the maker of BCD Ultra, the first and only multi-purpose cleaner to be certified by both Scientific Certifications Systems and Green Seal. BCD Ultra received these certifications because of its remarkably high rate of biodegradation, its unique "stand up" pouches which use 70% less packaging than conventional bottles, and its ultra-concentrated formula which requires less energy to ship.

Be Wise Ranch
San DIego - Only two years ago at the EarthFair in Balboa Park, Be Wise Ranch started as San Diego County's first venture in Community Supported Agriculture. Now it provides organically grown fruits and vegetables to the tables of 350 local families using innovative organic farming techniques,

Elan Organic Coffees, Inc.
San DIego - Elan Organic Coffee is more than a coffee importer: it is a promoter of sustainable, organic farming and an organizer and educator of farmers throughout Central and South America. In addition, Elan supports a number of initiatives to improve the lives of its farmer-suppliers and their communities.

Found Stuff Paper Works
San Diego - Found Stuff Paper Works makes what may be the "greenest" paper in America. This unbleached, acid-free, archival-grade paper is made entirely from 100% recycled organic cotton scraps, a sustainable, tree-free resource. Since August 1,1994, Found Stuff's family-run, hydro-powered, micro paper mill has recycled 25,000 pounds of organic cotton scraps into high quality paper.

Lynn Froeschle, AIA, Architects
San Diego - Lynn Froeschle is a creator of innovative, environmentally intelligent structures and facilities. Her work on the Indweller Resource Recovery Park and the Ridgehaven Court "Green Demonstration" Project amply demonstrate these skills as well as her leadership in promoting the incorporation of environmental principles into the spaces in which we live, work, and play.

SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Inc.
San Diego - The European Community in its "Eco Management and Audit Scheme" ranked SGS-Thomson first among facilities reviewed. In 1992, SGS-Thomson started its waste reduction and recycling program and since then has kept 176,000 pounds of solid waste out of landfills, in part through doubling its recycling rate. SGS-Thomson has an aggressive written list of environmental goals covering all emmissions and resources.

Notable Achievement Certificates

AT&T Global Information Solutions
San Diego - In 1994, AT&T established Corporate Environmental Recycling Goals for recycling a variety of wastes from its facilities, including the goal of recycling 60% of its waste paper. By the end of the year, AT&T's Global Information Division in San Diego had recycled 628,000 pounds of its waste. AT&T's Global Information Solutions is off to a strong start in helping AT&T to meet its self-proclaimed goal of being "the number one 'green' company in the world."

American Formulating & Manufacturing (AFM)
San Diego - American Formulating and Manufacturing makes the world's only full-line of chemically responsible building and maintenance products, including toxic-free sealants, paints, stains, cleaners, a carpet care system, and other products. These products have directly addressed the problem of "sick buildings" thereby improving the health of countless individuals throughout the country.

Bazaar Del Mundo, Inc.
San Diego - Bazaar Del Mundo's dedication to recycling saves 200 tons of material from landfills every year. For its efforts, the Bazaar has also received a Wrap Award from the Integrated Waste Management Board and a Recycling Achievement Award from the City of San Diego.

Escondido Disposal, Inc.
Escondido - Escondido Disposal is in the business of hauling solid waste, but it's also dedicated to recycling. In 1993, it instituted a comprehensive office recycling program which received a Waste Reduction Awards Program award from the Integrated Waste Management Board.

Gold Mine Natural Food Co.,
San Diego - Gold Mine Natural Food Company is a mail order retailer of sustainably-grown, organic produce as well as a leader in finding creative ways to minimize packaging. In order to ship its produce, Gold Mine salvages tons of cardboard boxes and other shipping materials from other businesses. For these efforts, Gold Mine was awarded a WRAP Award in 1994 by the Integrated Waste Management Board.

Gridcore Systems Int'l Corp.
Carlsbad - Gridcore Systems manufactures honeycombed building panels that are strong, lightweight, and non-toxic from a variety of recycled resources including cardboard, newsprint, urban wood waste, and even agricultural fibers. These panels not only use recycled resources, but their unique design results in a highly efficient use.

Lockheed Martin, Satellite Launch Vehicle Division,
San Diego - Lockheed Martin "launched" its recycling program in 1990 and since then has been steadily adding up its recycling totals as well as it recycling awards. Among other items recycled by Lockheed Martin, are over two million pounds of paper and two million pounds of asphalt to date. They support a semi-annual waste-audit and analysis and their program has saved 3,412 cubic yards of landfill space, 17,574 trees and 10,752,553 kilowatt hours of energy.

Plaza Camino Real
Carlsbad - On Earth Day, 1993, the Plaza Camino Real kicked off its recycling program. Now, the Plaza recycles 51% of its waste and is working to recycle its plastic waste as well which would reduce its waste by a total of 79%. For its efforts, the Plaza was awarded the International Council of Shopping Centers coveted MAXI award for 1994.

Solar Turbines, Inc.
San Diego - In 1990, Solar Turbines committed to reduce its production-related hazardous wastes by 50% within five years. By mid-1994, a half a year ahead of schedule, Solar had reduced this hazardous waste output by 59% even with significantly increased production. In addition, Solar has reduced its emissions from its metal spray operations by 99%; stopped using ozone-damaging 1,1,1-trichloroethane; cut its coolant purchases by over 50%; reduced its use of water by 73%; and is presently recycling 42% of its solid waste. To round out its activities, Solar also operates a fleet of natural gas vehicles and participates in the EPA's Green Lights Program.

U.S. Navy Fleet and Industrial Supply Center
San Diego - Through its hazardous material reduction and reuse programs, the Navy's San Diego facilities have eliminated 860,191 pounds and 163,615 gallons of hazardous waste from its waste stream as well as instituted tight controls on the use, collection, and disposal of hazardous waste in its facilities.