Good Morning Earth
restaurants turn green

by Randal Rupar
hen preparing food at home, we can control our environmental impact through the use of non-disposable plates and utensils, non-toxic biodegradable cleansers, low water use practices, recycling, etc. Restaurant dining is more of a challenge. How can we choose restaurants that are environmentally responsible, and maybe even influence our favorite eateries to clean up their act? Thanks to the work of Good Morning Earth, the job is becoming a whole lot simpler.
In 1993, consumer advocate and ecopreneur Michael Oshman founded Good Morning Earth, America's first network of environmentally responsible restaurants. GME has developed a framework that allows restaurants to take a leadership role in how they effect the environment.
"Imagine," exclaims Michael Oshman, "the power each of us wields as a customer. We can choose to support restaurants who initiate recycling programs, eliminate styrofoam use, and whose efforts promote other environmentally responsible business acts."
The heart of GMEs strategy is "Our Steps," a twelve step program. Under the guidance of GME staff, this one-year program allows restaurants to smoothly transition to sound environmental practices. Major components of this program include: Restaurants which become committed members have much to gain from the program. A toll-free customer referral number lists all participating restaurant members. Restaurants also receive recognition in the quarterly GME newsletter, and may display the GME logo at their business. They are also provided with access to products that comply with "Our Steps" guidelines.
In addition to the "Our Steps" program, GME consults with members regarding: the economic advantages of serving the environment, methods of increasing their customer base, enhancing restaurant image, and insuring compliance with all regulations. GME also encourages manufacturers to increase the recycled content of their products.

Call to action ... what you can do

Encourage your favorite restaurants to join the Good Morning Earth network. Look for - and patronize, restaurants that display the GME logo.
To find out more about Good Morning Earth call (800) 655-5222 or write: GME, 349 Nautilus Street, La Jolla, CA 92037.
Right now, you can patronize the following GME member restaurants:
Restaurant                       Locations                             

Baltimore Bagels Regents Road Cafe Zero La Jolla/UCSD Che Cafe La Jolla/UCSD Chung King Loh La Jolla Espresso Roma Hillcrest, La Jolla, S.D. State Kung Food Vegetarian Restaurant 5th & Qunice Lotsa Pasta Pacific Beach Porter's Pub La Jolla Roundtable Pizza La Jolla Rumors Cafe Ocean Beach Second Nature Pacific Beach Tia Molly's La Jolla Tuba Man Ocean Beach Wendy's La Jolla Winston's Ocean Beach Zips Tummy Buster La Jolla