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Save it, don’t pave it: Conspiracy and confusion at City Hall (4/06)
ncompetence or Corruption? (8/03)
Supervisors should give farmers a "fair deal" on GP 2020 (6/03)
More roads and increasing development: taking a toll on America's wildlife and natural habitats (6/03)
General plan 2020; windfalls and wipeouts (4/03)
San Diego River Park (4/03)
Population growth leading to land hunger (4/03)
Great cities, great planning...and San Diego (2/03)
Irrational planning...on rails (2/03)
Regional Comprehensive Plan public workshops (2/03)

A Christmas story (12/02)
Balancing Progress With Preservation (12/02)
Golf course wetlands prove valuable environmental tool (12/02)
"B" is for Bioregionalism: the other cultural construct (12/02)
In pursuit of good growth (11/02)
Reinvent planning (10/02)
San Diego River Conservancy Bill signed by governor (10/02)
City of Parks or City of Parking? (9/02)
Public meetings set for California Coastal National Monument (8/02)
New study links auto use to neighborhood design (8/02)
100 years later, US Reclamation Bureau stuck In 19th century (8/02)
Environmental Defense decries administration action on California offshore drilling (6/02)
Groups to protest 100th anniversary of Bureau of Reclamation (6/02)
Nature vs. Politics: Saving urban canyons (5/02)
Salton Sea "international avian airport" for migratory birds threatened by proposed water transfer (5/02)
Report links sprawl to declining coastal health (5/02)
Nature Conservancy purchases 2,100-acre Rancho Cuyamaca (4/02)
Smart Transportation: The Santa Barbara Riviera (4/02)

Leadership with sprawl Vision (12/01)
Urban forestry policies needed (11/01)
Structural engineer to research best ways to stabilize seaside cliffs (11/01)
Who pays the costs of growth? (10/01)
Urban canyons or urban beaches: What's the choice? (8/01)
Smart design: Bring back the neighborhood (8/01)
Santee Folly Square (7/01)
BOOMBURBS! A new type of city explodes around the edges of metropolis (7/01)
Guidelines for future development (6/01)
Smart funding: purchased development rights (6/01)
Smart codes: The roads less traveled (5/01)
Sea Whirled (4/01)
Solutions to sprawl: the limits to Smart Growth (4/01)
Good-Bye Habitat (4/01)
Multiple Species Conservation Program (4/01)
TOAD: Transit Oriented And Desirable (4/01)
Sprawl imperils California species: Research has national implications (3/01)
General Plan 2020: Request for working models (3/01)
Paving the planet: Cars and crops competing for land (3/01)
Research helps reduce pollution, urban sprawl (3/01)
Senator Boxer opposes oil drilling in the Artic Refuge (3/01)
Strong radiation protection standards essential for Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository (3/01)
A bigger pollution problem than sewage spills? (2/01)
Redefining Community Conference focuses on neighborhood design, crime prevention and public health (2/01)
Neighborhoods, public facilities and planning (1/01)

Predicting urban sprawl in top 20 US coastal cities (12/00)
National survey reveals suburban residents support city reinvestment (12/00)
Smart Conservation (10/00)
Using open space in project design (9/00)
Biotech vs Biology? (8/00)
Bring back the neighborhoods (8/00)
Creating the future of Anza-Borrego State Park (7/00)
Growth: who wants it? (7/00)
Where the sidewalks end (6/00)
Smart growth, regionalism and equity: what is the nexus? (5/00)
Wetlands restoration leads the way at Famosa Slough (5/00)
Solving the transportation problem in San Diego (5/00)
Traffic congestion driven by sprawl (5/00)
Preserving the quality of life through Smart Growth (3/00)
Request for public input: Proposed development of Fiesta Island (10/99)
"Thank God they can't cut down the clouds" (10/99)
How Wide is My Roadway? (9/99)
Smart Growth in San Diego: a working model (6/99)
City of San Diego plans road construction in 37 open-space canyons (5/99)
Lanes to nowhere (3/99)
At the crossroads (3/99)
Mismatch? (2/99)
Feeding Frenzy 101: Strip Malls and Sprawl (2/99)

Cultural Evolution: Stop AND Build (9/98)
Growth vs. evolution (5/98)
It's time for region-wide development fees (5/98)
Flooding: brought to you by the City of San Diego (2/98)

Back Country Coalition works for conservation (12/97)
Support The San Diego County Rural Heritage & Watershed Initiative (12/97)
Improving San Diego's Habitat Plan (11/97)
"What's going on?" I'm a little confused, are you? (11/97)
The flood next time...(10/97)
City set to reduce wetlands protections (10/97)
Protect the special nature of San Diego (10/97)
The economic value of wetlands and open spaces (6/97)