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Leave No Child Inside (4/07)

Simple ways to protect the environment (4/06)
Hotter, Faster, Worser (4/06)

Resolve the conflict of environmental guilt vs. lifestyle with TerraPass (4/05)
Experts warn ecosystem changes will continue to worsen, putting global development goals at risks (4/05)
2005: Nature’s Crisis (4/05)
Distractions that matter (4/05)

Richer, fatter, and not much happier (4/04)

Researchers begin to divide the world according to evolutionary genetics (8/03)
Here at Home (6/03)
EPA honors Chula Vista with top environmental award in Washington D.C. (6/03)
Rainforest Alliance's Smartwood Certifications reach 25-million-acre milestone (6/03)
Poverty, disease, environmental decline threaten global stability (6/03)
Depleted democracy and other weapons of war (6/03)
When democracy failed: The warnings of history (4/03)
America, 2003 (with apologies to Dr. Seuss) (4/03)
State of the World 2003 : "Impossible" environmental revolution is already happening (1/03)
Cooking the books by ignoring Mother Nature (1/03)
Ecological risks of GMOs come In unexpected ways (1/03)
The Environment: another casualty of war? (1/03)
Evolution and a philosophy for perseverance (1/03)

New "Riding the Dragon" book pries open Shell Oil secrets, finds grave environmental abuses are continuing worldwide (12/02)
Old Point Loma Lighthouse to celebrate 147th birthday on Friday, Nov 15 (11/02)
Going ape over 100 years (11/02)
New map shows human "footprint" covers most of the earth (11/02)
Bureau of Reclamation wants to flood Grand Canyon to save native fish (10/02)
World Summit postmortem (9/02)
Absent Globally, Acting Locally: A ray of hope at Earth Summit's end (9/02)
Earth Day Network urges global grassroots movement to monitor World Summit goals (9/02)
Understanding the ecology of cities a key issue in world debate (9/02)
"N" is for naysayers and never say never (9/02)
City expands hotline for easy access to environmental issues (8/02)
Habits, habitat, and the sum of us (8/02)
National Trust names Kw’st’an Sacred Sites one of America’s 11 most endangered historic places (6/02)
Wake Up! (4/02)
Jane Goodall says: Turn the Tide (4/02)
The America Syndrome: What would happen if Chinese citizens lived like Americans? (4/02)
Rethinking economic progress (4/02)

Southern Orange County: Conservation priorities for a biodiversity hotspot (11/01)
A good planet is hard to find (10/01)
Wealth of nations depends on jack frost (10/01)
United Nations launches extensive study of earth's ecosystems (7/01)
Architecture for kids: Blueprint for a green theme park (6/01)
Nature will not wait (6/01)
Clean coal? (6/01)
Democracy and the Precautionary Principle (5/01)
Orangutan numbers plummeting worldwide (4/01)
AAAS atlas shows human impact on environment (3/01)
Ethics for survival (2/01)

Predicting urban sprawl in top 20 US coastal cities (12/00)
"Defying Nature's End: A Practical Agenda for Saving Life on the Planet" (11/00)
Of whales and humans (11/00)
Needed: two more planets (11/00)
Artist mark Dion to create a functional bird blind at Tijuana River Estuary (10/00)
Eight Grand Challenges in EnvironmentalScience (10/00)
Notes on a meeting with Mexican President-Elect Vicente Fox and US Environmental and Human Rights Leaders (9/00)
Creating the future of Anza-Borrego State Park (7/00)
California - Land of Lakes (6/00)
Loss in biodiversity by year 2100 could be consequence of global change (5/00)
Environmental poll compares attitudes of boomers & internet generation (5/00)
Earth Day 2000: A 30-Year Report Card (4/00)
Should we teach our children about nature? (3/00)
Sierra Club looks with hope to new century (2/00)
The Canyon Bust (1/00)
Simplify Your Life (1/00)
State of the World 2000 (1/00)

Dreaming of a green Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa (12/99)
Seven Wonders: Everyday Things for a Healthier Planet (11/99)
A Delta Once More (10/99)
Republican primary voters put environment ahead of tax cuts (10/99)
World may be on edge of environmental revolution (5/99)
Support for environmental action grows but Americans' belief in environmental "myths" threaten to block progress. (4/99)
Study of tropical forests overturns important theory in ecology (3/99)
Alien species cost U.S. $123 billion a year (3/99)
New century to be marked by growing threats, opportunities (2/99)

Oil: to the ends of the earth (10/98)
Poopheads (9/98)
First-ever estimate of total bacteria on earth (9/98)
Four shades of green (5/98)
Design, ecology, ethics and the making of things (3/98)
Flooding: brought to you by the City of San Diego (2/98)

The Precautionary Principle (3/98)

The Good City and the Good Life: Renewing the sense of community (10/96)
Yearning for balance (9/96)

Hemp: a new look an an ancient resource (7/96)
Border environmental plan seeking public comments (7/96)
Entangled in time? (7/96)
Environmental action begins with environmental literacy (5/96)
Incentives and biodiversity (5/96)
The dying of the trees (4/96)
Saving the environment during a Republican Congress (4/96)
The Next Reformation (3/96)

UN HABITAT II conference (3/96)

Cultivating Biophilia: our love for the family of life (8/95)

Educating a nation: The Natural Step (7/95)
25 Messages from wildlife (4/95)
Ecology and community (1/95)
Put your money where your future is (1/95)

The global citizen's plan (11/94)
Biological diversity: every little bit counts (10/94)
Saving Liberia's rainforests (8/94)
It comes down to the coasts (8/94)
If we keep doing what we're doing, we'll end up where we're headed (8/94)
Santa Margarita River: refuge in an urbanizing land (4/94)
What ails the globe? (4/94)