UN HABITAT II conference

by Lori Shook
he United Nations will convene the Second UN Conference on Human Settlements, HABITAT II, in Istanbul, Turkey, from 3-14 June, 1996. Themes of the Conference are sustainable human settlements in an urbanizing world and adequate shelter for all. HABITAT II culminates a series of United Nations conferences that have addressed topics such as environment, population, social development and women.
The goals of the conference are: A preparatory meeting for HABITAT II, "From Cairo to Istanbul: International Symposium on Human Settlements and Habitat," will be held on March 31 through April 2, hosted by the International Institute for Human Resources Development and the University Center on Aging, College of Health and Human Services, San Diego State University, and co-sponsored by UN HABITAT II and UN Population Fund.
The symposium provides a forum for policy makers, planners, and scholars to discuss focused issues related to the agenda of the 2nd UN Conference on Habitat. More specifically, the International symposium will consider the interrelatedness of population, environment and human settlements and the linkages between the Rio Summit, the Cairo Conference on Population, the Copenhagen World Summit for Social Development, the Beijing Conference on Women and the Istanbul HABITAT II. The main objective of the SD Symposium is to make a scientific contribution and to present its conclusions and recommendations to HABITAT II in Istanbul.
The conference cost is $150 for full participation or $125 for observers. For more information, contact: Dr. Shuman (SDSU) at (619) 594-2817, fax 594-2811, email: tshumanmail.sdsu.edu.; or Afra Roet (SD/TJ chapter of Society for International Development) at 296-3459; or Anne Hoiberg (UNA) at 223-8074.
There's also an on-line internet symposium being held in conjunction with a meeting going on in Brownsville, TX. The URL is: http://www.triplesoft.com/bisn.