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From induced demand to reduced demand (4/07)

Most environmentally-friendly vehicles of 2006 (4/06)

Tired of traffic? Tired of taxes? Be wary of more of the same (4/04)
Green light, red light: Model Year 2004's ?greenest? and ?meanest? vehicles announced (4/04)

Fuel efficient patriotism bumper stickers (6/03)
Key studies on air pollution and health effects near high-traffic areas (6/03)
Public support for public transportation (4/03)
At Ford, why wasn’t safety job 1? (4/03)
Irrational planning...on rails (2/03)
More quality, not more weight, may make vehicles safer (1/03)
What would Jesus drive? (1/03)

What happens to rubber that wears off auto tires? (12/02)
ATV injuries: a reader comments (11/02)
Fuel cell-powered cars hitting the road ahead of schedule (11/02)
MAGLEV trains: Hope or hype? (11/02)
Childhood pedestrian injuries: preventable tragedies (11/02)
Report reveals EPA deceives consumers, Congress by significantly overestimating fuel economy (11/02)
Reinvent planning (10/02)
Councilmember Frye Kicks Off "On the Streets Where We Live" (10/02)
Injuries and deaths from all-terrain vehicles are increasing dramatically (10/02)
Pollution reductions from off-road vehicles, particularly snowmobiles, fall short (10/02)
Study ranks most dangerous places statewide (9/02)
Governor Davis signs groundbreaking bill to reduce auto-related global warming pollution (8/02)
New study links auto use to neighborhood design (8/02)
Environmental Defense "Driving Clean" Campaign fights automakers' deceptions (8/02)
Small car models rank among safest vehicles (8/02)
General Motors is global warmer number one (8/02)
Buses gain popularity among Californians (6/02)
Merge Mash Madness (5/02)
Want better gas mileage? Drive a Boeing 747 (5/02)
I am ashamed (4/02)
Smart Transportation: The Santa Barbara Riviera (4/02)
Find eco-friendly 2002 model-year cars and trucks (4/02)

Budget EV Rental Cars achieves5 million miles (12/01)
Mobility study warns of gridlock, pollution (12/01)
Our best interests? (12/01)
Honoring Our Achievements (12/01)
New technology to reduce vehicle pollution (12/01)
Smart codes equals smart roads (11/01)
A working model transport system (11/01)
Auto manufacturers could greatly improve fuel economy at low cost with existing technology (10/01)
Flat-earth thinking in our time (8/01)
Airports and cities: Can they coexist? (8/01)
Vehicle inspection programs: Worthwhile, but repairs are needed (8/01)
Santee Folly Square (7/01)
Smart transportation: Ireland's solution (7/01)
Higher miles per gallon standards would save Californians more than $1 billion dollars annually (7/01)
Smart codes: The roads less traveled (5/01)
Alliance offers consumers tips to offset higher gasoline prices (5/01)
Californians flock to public transit in record numbers (5/01)
Roundabouts (5/01)
Partnership's role stressed in launch of Post Office electric vehicles (5/01)
TOAD: Transit Oriented And Desirable (4/01)
2001 Honda Civic GX first to achieve newest emission control standards (4/01)
Clean diesel power key to success of maritime industry (3/01)
Vehicle fuel economy at 20-year low (2/01)
EPA dramatically reduces pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses; cuts sulfur levels in diesel fuel (1/01)

New pedestrian advocacy group presents San Diego's "terrible ten" dangerous intersections (11/00)
San Diego's best kept secret (11/00)
SUV makers reap billions from tax loophole (10/00)
Is Maglev in our future? (10/00)
TransitWorks and our region's future (10/00)
FutureTruck project announces first year results (9/00)
Sierra Club applauds Ford's historic commitment to higher fuel economy (8/00)
Honda globally adopts world's most stringent emissions policy for gasoline engines (8/00)
Ireland: A San Diego traffic solution? (7/00)
EPA should improve methods for estimating pollutants in vehicle emissions (6/00)
Detroit automakers worst in first pollution ranking (5/00)
Solving the transportation problem in San Diego (5/00)
Traffic congestion driven by sprawl (5/00)
The drive to Los Angelization (4/00)
A politician's -- and citizen's -- guide to urban transportation (4/00)
Walk SanDiego (4/00)
Safe and beautiful streets (4/00)
Putting health at the heart of transport policies (4/00)
Preserving the quality of life through Smart Growth (3/00)
Putting up (3/00)
Uncommon sense (2/00)
Congestion Politics (1/00)

Growth and Transportation Workshop (12/99)
A turn of more than the century (12/99)
Gas is cheap (12/99)
2000 model year Nissan Sentra certified as cleanest gasoline-fueled car in the world (12/99)
Light-duty automotive technology and fuel economy trends through 1999 (11/99)
Pedal power probe shows bicycles waste little energy (11/99)
Ways to go (10/99)
Polls show strong support for cleaner SUVs (10/99)
Honda to introduce hybrid gas/electric car (9/99)
Adventures in Driving: EV Does It (7/99)
General Motors announces sponsorship for the "FutureTruck 2000 and 2001" (7/99)
Sierra Club applauds Daimler-Chrysler's promise to put cleaner cars on the road (7/99)
Eco-friendly car interiors (7/99)
Beyond Sentiment (6/99)
Southern States Power buys Mexican oil extraction plant to produce bio-diesel (6/99)
Study shows capacity fails to ease congestion (5/99)
Lanes to nowhere (3/99)
Ford's new gas-guzzling SUV wins the "Exxon Valdez" award from the Sierra Club (3/99)
Car Talk (3/99)
Plug Power breaks new ground in automotive fuel cells (3/99)

Population, transportation and our quality of life (2/98)
Alternative fuels for pollution reduction (1/98)

Alternative fuel vehicles (10/95)

Floodplain fever: the trolley arrives in Mission Valley (12/94)
Kanazawa Institute sweeps "Solar Splash" regata (10/94)
Auto buyback program is a crushing success (10/94)
CCAP promotes benefits of natural gas (6/94)
Natural gas-powered Taurus: a test drive (6/94)
Natural gas keeps Centre City on its tows (6/94)

Electric bus marks new smog-free era (12/93)