Walk SanDiego

Support this regional coalition promoting walkable communities

alk San Diego has been formed to help create livable communities with pedestrian-friendly design through the promotion and education of walking as a safe and viable choice for residents of all ages and abilities.


  • To develop transportation alternatives to the automobile.
  • To reduce auto speeds and traffic in our neighborhoods.
  • To reclaim our streets as places for people to interact.
  • To foster land use designs that promote walking
  • To encourage active and healthy lifestyles.


  • Raise public awareness on the health and social benefits of walking, and support programs that promote walking.
  • Advocate for the rights of all pedestrians (including children, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities) to safely use the streets and roads.
  • Influence policy, design, and engineering decisions related to creating a pleasant and functional pedestrian environment.
  • Identify regional pedestrian facility needs and increase funding for improvements.
  • Develop coalitions with other interest groups and organizations to jointly address common issues regarding pedestrian rights, safety, design, and education.
  • Work with neighborhood groups in evaluating problems and identifying options for reclaiming streets.
  • Pursue funding opportunities for demonstration and research projects.

For more information, contact Dave Schumacher at (619) 557-4565 or via email at dschumachermtdb.sdmts.com.