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Response to high-fat diet is linked to genes (4/03)
Spinach shows seasonal variation in antioxidant content (4/03)
New broccoli compound appears promising against breast cancer (2/03)

Doctor links ailments to consumption of mercury-laden fish (12/02)
New organic standard hit US shelves on Oct 21 (11/02)
Dr. Weil backs USDA Organic Initiative (11/02)
Warning: Something fishy about farmed salmon, seafood lovers beware (11/02)
Regular modest wine drinking may reduce risk of second heart attack (9/02)
Mother (Nature) Knows Best (9/02)
New food-addiction link found (6/02)
Black raspberries a potentially powerful agent in fight against colon cancer (5/02)
Heart attack patients may benefit from drinking tea (5/02)
Website highlights safe seafood selections (5/02)

Compounds in garlic fight malaria and cancer (12/01)
Tax top of the food chain for environmental sustainability (11/01)
The skinny on cooking oils (11/01)
Western diet might bring western disease (11/01)
Changes in nutrition can alleviate effects of long-term stress (10/01)
War crimes against our food (7/01)
Making fast food more nutritious (6/01)
Cook your carrots for more antioxidants(6/01)
Omega Eggs – a healthier alternative (4/01)
Purple grape juice: far greater antioxidant protection than orange juice (3/01)
Heart benefits from apples and juice (3/01)

Fat-reducing benefits of fish oil, exercise cancel (9/00)
Genes in blood vessels may protect arteriesfrom ravages of a high-fat diet (9/00)
High-fiber diet keeps people from chewing the fat (8/00)
How to fight fast food? With slow food, of course (7/00)
USDA accounces new proposal for national organic standard (4/00)

Make your next meal reflect the latest science (11/99)
Green tea helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis (11/99)
Dietary prescriptions for prevention of cancer (10/99)
Study shows orange juice protects against colon cancer (9/99)
Beta-carotene supplements activate cancer-causing enzymes, study suggests (6/99)
Health experts advise caution when grilling meats (6/99)
Blue-green algae has dual cholesterol lowering abilities (5/99)
Greenpeace, Center For Food Safety and organic farmers sue EPA over gene-altered crops (3/99)
Legal petitions filed to force FDA, CDC to combat "mad cow" type disease in the United States (2/99)

Commercial fish OK, despite low levels of mercury (9/98)
National Cancer Institute announces increase in fruit and vegetable consumption (5/98)
New study details the saturated fat/cholesterol link (5/98)
Dakota goes green (5/98)
Ancient dietary wisdom for tomorrow's children (4/98)
Caffeine may prolong life of cancer cells (2/98)
Vegetarian Diet Pyramid released (2/98)
Red wine's health benefits may be due in part to "estrogen" in grape skin (1/98)