Website highlights safe seafood selections

provided by Environmental Defense

nvironmental Defense has announced the launch of “Seafood Selector,” a site that includes fish recipes alongside safety and health facts.

    A team of scientists, programmers and editors worked for more than a year to build the data base tool, which covers more than 150 species of fish.

    “Seafood Selector is the largest database we know of that is devoted to providing consumer information on the best fish choices,” said Joyce Newman, acting chief Internet officer at Environmental Defense.

    Visitors to Seafood Selector can learn how to pick and prepare the best, most sustainable fish. The site also tells how to avoid buying fish that are caught or farmed in ways that harm the environment.

    “Americans are concerned about the health of their diet and the health of our oceans; Seafood Selector can help people with both, at just the click of a mouse,” said Environmental Defense senior scientist, Rebecca Goldburg. “More than 100 US fish stocks are suffering from overfishing, and most commercial fisheries are reaching the brink of unsustainability. But by shopping for seafood caught or farmed in an environmentally sustainable manner, consumers can make a big difference.”

    Seafood Selector is a part of the redesigned Environmental Defense web site at: