Not your ordinary loaf of bread

Christina's Gourmet Breads and More in Encinitas

by Tanya Corners


very time I go to Encinitas, I make an excuse to go to Christina's and try a buttery sample of something straight from the oven. I can't help buying at least one loaf.

Some of their most popular breads include feta cheese and herb (one of my absolute favorites), and rosemary Italian with olive oil. All breads are made with the freshest ingredients, like fresh basil and rosemary, real maple syrup and honey, and real mashed potatoes. No shortcuts are taken. This makes for great bread made in small batches. Some are yeast free and fat free, and most are low fat, high fiber and low salt.

I recently picked up some rolls for my Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of getting the spongy white things that can keep for years, my family and friends were delighted by fresh sourdough parmesan basil rolls. Christina's will be making many special breads for the holidays, including the ever popular pumpkin and brioche. The many types of bread are great for any occasion, including parties.

Christina's is one of the newest members of the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). Although they just joined, they have been green all along. Christina's boasts pesticide-free organic flour, no chemical fillers and no preservatives. They're working on some of the other GRA steps to be even more environmentally concious.

Be sure to ask for a buyer's card. After 12 loaves have been purchased, you get one free. I highly recommend at least sampling, but you too will be compelled to buy.

Christinaís has a baking schedule you can set your watch by - or your calendar. Bread schedules are rotated regularly to make for a great variety.

Christina's is open 7 - 6:30 weekdays, 7 - 6 Saturdays and closed Sundays. The cute corner shop is located right next to Luecadia Pizzeria in the Moonlight Plaza; 315 First St., south of Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas. (760) 634-0057.

Tanya Corners is an intern for the Green Restaurant Association and a student at San Diego State University. She is finishing up her degree in Social Science with an emphasis in the environment. In working with the GRA for 7 months, she has learned how environment and business really can go hand in hand.