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First Green Roof designed for San Diego (4/07)

When less wood is more (4/06)

Housing Hysteria (8/02)
AIA/COTE selects top ten “green” projects (6/02)

Pardee Homes to unveil "Living Smart" in new San Diego community (11/01)
Shea Homes hits energy crisis head on (8/01)
Housing our neighbors: Twelve ideas to correct the housing shortage (2/01)

Governor asks for sustainable building strategy (9/00)
Using open space in project design (9/00)
Environmental regulations don't drive up home prices (7/00)
Sick buildings - sick people (6/00)
Nation's top home-builders vow to end endangered wood use (5/00)
Leaky ducts can cost big bucks (11/99)
Landscaping -- the natural way to save energy (11/99)
Agreement calls for energy efficient fluorescent lights (11/99)

Design, ecology, ethics and the making of things (3/98)
Plywood: Lurid Tales of Grains and Glues (3/98)
Sick building study blames air, not attitudes (3/98)

Spend today, save tomorrow? (12/97)
Why are our buildings so poor? (7/97)
Local solar: today's sustainable energy (6/97)
Creating a solar home or apartment (6/97)
Sustainability: building for the future (4/97)

Home Building Guide: how to build a healthier home (4/97)
Blueprint for the New Green Home (3/97)
Creating and environmentally friendly home or office (1/97)

City of San Diego takes the lead in "Green Building" (11/96)
From the White House to your house (5/96)

Straw bale construction: an update (5/96)

Houses from the earth (12/95)
Good as wood? (1/95)

How healthy is your bedroom? (11/94)
Straw bale construction: try huffing and puffing these houses down! (10/94)