Pardee Homes to unveil “Living Smart” in new San Diego community

Landmark homebuyers' program is first in San Diego

provided by Pardee Homes

ardee Homes, one of San Diego's largest home builders, has unveiled its landmark Living Smart program, designed to provide homebuyers with the opportunity to add state-of-the-art environmental, energy conservation and health and safety upgrades to their new homes. The Living Smart program will be made available later this year to homebuyers, starting in Pardee's new Santa Barbara community in San Diego's Pacific Highlands Ranch.

    Living Smart specifically refers to the inclusion of household items and building products designed to upgrade a home in the following key areas: Health Smart - enhanced indoor air and water quality; Energy Smart - reduced energy requirements resulting in lower utility bills; and Earth Smart - the preservation of precious environmental resources. Some of the options available to homebuyers in each area include: Health Smart - low VOC paint, central vacuum system, air filtration system; Energy Smart - solar power, florescent lighting package, energy saving appliances; Earth Smart - cellulose insulation, engineered wood and tankless water heaters.

    “Pardee Homes has a strong record of investing in conservation practices and technologies, but Living Smart takes it to a whole new level,” said Joyce Mason, Pardee's Vice President of Marketing. “This comprehensive program provides our homebuyers with greater control over environmental, health and safety, and energy conservation issues related to their home. The end result is a superior home that enhances a family's quality of life.”

    In introducing the Living Smart program, Pardee is honoring its commitments to preserve open space and implement conservation measures that were part of the successful 1998 Prop M ballot measure. The 97 homes located in Pardee's “Santa Barbara” community will be the first in San Diego to provide homebuyers with such a comprehensive inventory of conservation options.

    “I am very enthusiastic about the comprehensive options in the Living Smart homebuyers' program,” said Carolyn Chase, former San Diego Chapter Chair for the Sierra Club. “Living Smart has great promise and San Diegans are sure to respond positively to these quality of life investments. Similar innovative and forward thinking conservation options should become the norm in new homes throughout the county.”

    Prospective homebuyers interested in learning more about the Living Smart program can contact Beth Fischer or Joyce Mason at 858-794-2500. Pardee Homes is a leading developer of master-planned communities, multifamily developments and business parks in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in 1921, Pardee has built over 60,000 homes and gained a reputation for quality construction, outstanding customer service and long-term commitment to its communities. Pardee is a philanthropic leader, supporting local schools, parks and nonprofit organizations and preserving thousands of acres of environmentally sensitive habitat and open space. Pardee Homes strengthens San Diego's economy by generating hundreds of new jobs each year, providing a variety of housing options, building much-needed infrastructure and valuable amenities in its communities and taking a strong leadership role on regional planning and development issues that are important for balanced growth throughout San Diego.