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Public demands State Water Board eliminate illegal pollution exemptions (6/03)
Norton's 2025 Water Plan: propaganda to mask reality (6/03)

California misses opportunity for cleaner water (12/02)
The Clean Water Act: thirty years later (11/02)
Calculate your landscape's water needs (8/02)
Polluted water costs city & county billions (6/02)
Salton Sea "international avian airport" for migratory birds threatened by proposed water transfer (5/02)
New storm water ordinance for San Diego (4/02)
Similar patterns of ground water pollution found in United States and China (4/02)

Ecology and economics: Protecting water resources is good business (11/01)
Water management improvements in irrigated valleys save water, enhance environment (7/01)
A layperson's guide to the water transfer agreements (6/01)
Researchers design water quality sampling scheme (5/01)
Dangerous Currents (4/01)
DNA "Fingerprinting" traces water pollution sources (3/01)
The hidden freshwater crisis (1/01)
Wetlands system recycles building's wastewater (1/01)

San Diego Bay Council names Clean Water Leaders, Losers (11/00)
New EPA water quality regulations (7/00)
Population growth sentencing millions to hydrological poverty (7/00)
California - Land of Lakes (6/00)
Water markets satisfy cities' thirst and protect farms (2/00

A Delta Once More (10/99)
Land-grant colleges can lead "national challenge" to solve critical water problems (6/99)

Environmental community releases water "blueprint" for California (12/98)
Drugs in the water (10/98)
Water Alert: attend public hearing 5/12 in Encinitas (5/98)
Flooding: brought to you by the City of San Diego (2/98)
Beat the rising water rates (12/97)
Community activists call for enforcement of clean water act and action on polluted runoff (11/97)
The flood next time...(10/97)
City set to reduce wetlands protections (10/97)
Creek restoration and kids ecology education (8/97)
A water pollution odyeesy (3/97)
Student to student watershed education (3/97)
Think globally, act locally: World Water Day is March 22 (3/97)

San Diego's clean water wars: reports from the front lines (4/95)
Clean Water Act beached by Congress (3/95)
New groundwater purification process (1/95)

Water in San Diego: plumbing and politics (10/94)

Gray water in your future (12/93)