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Population growth leading to land hunger (4/03)
Hard choices for a hard reality (2/03)

Restoring international family planning is the compassionate choice (9/02)
Pregnancy, birth rates fall among young women exposed intervention program (6/02)

Too many people (11/01)
Growing pains: Energy, economy create anxiety about population size (7/01)
Growth politics study (5/01)
1990 to 2000: Ten years of population change in California (5/01)
Sprawl imperils California species: Research has national implications (3/01)
AAAS atlas shows human impact on environment (3/01)
Housing our neighbors: Twelve ideas to correct the housing shortage (2/01)
Sierra Club statement on "global gag rule" (2/01)

Predicting urban sprawl in top 20 US coastal cities (12/00)
Of whales and humans (11/00)
Needed: two more planets (11/00)
Population growth sentencing millions to hydrological poverty (7/00)
Population density, growth threaten species-rich "hotspots" (3/00)
US vital statistics show death rates down, birth rates up (1/00)

A miserable life on overcrowded Earth in 2100 (10/99)
Humanity's heavy footprint (9/99)
Rising mortality joins falling fertility to slow population growth (5/99)

Rapid population growth is still a problem (11/98)
Population, transportation and our quality of life (2/98)

UN HABITAT II conference (3/96)

It comes down to the coasts (8/94)
What ails the globe? (4/94)
The Big Squeeze [population] (2/94)