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Key studies on air pollution and health effects near high-traffic areas (6/03)
Antibiotic resistance threatens public health (6/03)
Ultraviolet radiation added to government list of known carcinogens (6/03)
Marijuana-derived compound targets pain, inflammation (6/03)
Researchers explore a new toxic pollution site: People (4/03)
Response to high-fat diet is linked to genes (4/03)
Spinach shows seasonal variation in antioxidant content (4/03)
Trees could affect land use, reduce skin cancer (2/03)
Children who grow up with cats or dogs have reduced risk for allergies (2/03)
New broccoli compound appears promising against breast cancer (2/03)
Grape-seed extract speeds up wound recovery (1/03)
An aspirin a day to keep cancer away? (1/03)

Doctor links ailments to consumption of mercury-laden fish (12/02)
California fires: Tips to protect your lungs (10/02)
Air pollution fatalities now exceed traffic fatalities by 3 to 1 (10/02)
Regular modest wine drinking may reduce risk of second heart attack (9/02)
Mother (Nature) Knows Best (9/02)
Particulate air pollution and health: the facts (8/02)
Sierra Club urges senators to approve treaty to eliminate toxic chemicals, protect public health (6/02)
New food-addiction link found (6/02)
Survey identifies drugs most likely to be found in the environment (5/02)
Black raspberries a potentially powerful agent in fight against colon cancer (5/02)
Showering boosts concentrations of potentially hazardous trihalomethanes (5/02)
Agricultural fungicide could cause irreversible immune system damage (5/02)
Heart attack patients may benefit from drinking tea (5/02)
Researchers evaluate the power of forgiveness and physical health (5/02)

Compounds in garlic fight malaria and cancer (12/01)
Positive attitude is best prevention against heart disease (12/01)
Souped-up broccoli, broccoli sprouts deter cancers in rats (12/01)
Facing the facts about skin care products (12/01)
Simple steps can reduce dust mite allergens in bedrooms (11/01)
The skinny on cooking oils (11/01)
Western diet might bring western disease (11/01)
Antioxidants protect against smoke-induced lung damage (10/01)
Oregano oil kills drug-resistant bacteria (10/01)
Changes in nutrition can alleviate effects of long-term stress (10/01)
Using sunscreen correctly is the key to avoiding sunburn (7/01)
Chemicals in environment may increase drug abuse (7/01)
Calcium absorption similar from supplements (7/01)
Air pollution may trigger heart attack in at-risk patients (7/01)
Childhood exposure to cats reduces asthma risk (6/01)
Cook your carrots for more antioxidants(6/01)
Ten years of herbal medicine studies reviewed (6/01)
Folate intake counteracts breast cancer risk associated with alcohol (6/01)
Antibiotic-resistant genes traced from farms to groundwater (5/01)
Study ranks women’s reproductive health worldwide (4/01)
EHC study reveals housing health horrors (4/01)
Omega Eggs – a healthier alternative (4/01)
Potentially harmful human viruses in coastal waters (3/01)
Purple grape juice: far greater antioxidant protection than orange juice (3/01)
Heart benefits from apples and juice (3/01)
Dioxin is listed as "Known Human Carcinogen" in federal government report (2/01)
Global warming may pose risks to human health (1/01)

Study links heavy meals to heart attacks (12/00)
EPA announces phased ban of pesticide Diazinon (12/00)
Study shows air pollution slows lung function growth in children (11/00)
Protect public from chronic diseases, Pew Commission urges (10/00)
EPA's Agency-wide Multimedia Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Pollutants Initiative (9/00)
Fat-reducing benefits of fish oil, exercise cancel (9/00)
Genes in blood vessels may protect arteriesfrom ravages of a high-fat diet (9/00)
Finding helps identify how chlorine, ozone and other greenhouse gases develop from ocean/air interactions (9/00)
EPA's methylmercury guidelines will protect most Americans, but some may be at risk (8/00)
High-fiber diet keeps people from chewing the fat (8/00)
Cancer gene related to fruit and vegetable growth (8/00)
New devices detect Salmonella, E. coli, other bacteria (8/00)
Humor is Healthy (8/00)
Got weeds? Yard work builds strong bones (8/00)
In-home pesticide exposure increases Parkinson's risk (7/00)
Vitamins C and E: protection against mental decline (7/00)
Apple phytochemicals fight cancer (7/00)
Guidelines issued on risk of driving with Alzheimer's (7/00)
Sick buildings - sick people (6/00)
Satellites used to help predict deadly disease outbreaks (6/00)
New health research 'vindicates' EPA; soot particles are deadly, Lung Association notes (5/00)
Millions of American children and teens affected by lead exposure (5/00)
Common pesticide product reduces testosterone; possibly contributory factor to male infertility (5/00)
Walking trails boost exercise, improve health at low cost (5/00)
2.3 Million pounds of poison: methyl bromide use near California schools (4/00)
Toxicologists discover traces of diesel exhaust in the body (3/00)
Industry commits to screen 2,000 high-volume chemicals for hazards; results direct to public (3/00)
Honey as medicine -- Australia produces a world's first! (1/00)
Natural fatty acid reduces breast cancer risk (1/00)
Studies indicate calcium citrate can stop bone loss (1/00)

Household appliances and indoor air pollution (12/99)
Bakers dozen cold remedies still work (12/99)
Health risks from PVC plastic (11/99)
Green tea helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis (11/99)
Plastic chemicals could be cause of reproductive weight problems (11/99)
Dietary prescriptions for prevention of cancer (10/99)
Study shows orange juice protects against colon cancer (9/99)
Acupuncture uses body's endorphin system to treat heart disease (7/99)
Pollutants in house dust increase pesticide's toxicity (6/99)
Beta-carotene supplements activate cancer-causing enzymes, study suggests (6/99)
Health experts advise caution when grilling meats (6/99)
A little volunteering can prolong your life (5/99)
Blue-green algae has dual cholesterol lowering abilities (5/99)
Caltrans' excessive herbicide use on California roads (5/99)
Wildlife Fund wants world DDT ban (5/99)
A fluoride warning (4/99)
Dioxins the view from Europe (3/99)
Greenpeace, Center For Food Safety and organic farmers sue EPA over gene-altered crops (3/99)
Legal petitions filed to force FDA, CDC to combat "mad cow" type disease in the United States (2/99)
One scientist's story: leukemia and the nuclear industry in France (2/99)

New $500 million chemical testing program (12/98)
Cat's claw effective anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant (12/98)
EHC report finds children are at risk (12/98)
Natural vitamin E supplements could save millions in U.S. health costs (11/98)
Meditation found to help chronic pain sufferers (11/98)
Cattle diets could control E. coli danger (10/98)
Life on earth is hazardous to your health (10/98)
Science article criticizes federal policy regarding lead exposure and children's health (10/98)
Commercial fish OK, despite low levels of mercury (9/98)
Sunlight poses universal cataract risk (9/98)
CRN publishes reference on evaluating botanicals (9/98)
What toxic pesticides are used near yourkid's's school? (9/98)
Global warming and dengue fever (5/98)
New study details the saturated fat/cholesterol link (5/98)
Ancient dietary wisdom for tomorrow's children (4/98)
Antioxidants: study results call for wider application (3/98)

Massage for the masses (12/96)
The healing power of food (11/96)
A shopper's guide to pesticides in produce (9/96)

Sugar here, sugar there, sugar everywhere (8/95)
Confessions of an ex-junk food junkie:stop food boredom (7/95)
Confessions of an ex-junk food junkie (6/95)
Dodging dairy - handling food allergies (5/95)
Hazard on the highway [diesel pollution] (5/95)
A giant spraying sound [pesticide use] (5/95)
Keen on kamut: handling food allergies (4/95)
Daily habits - mouthing off (4/95)

How healthy is your bedroom? (11/94)

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth (12/93)