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When less wood is more (4/06)

Only you can prevent deforestation... the Feds won't (8/03)
Sen. Boxer's California Wild Heritage Act to protect threatened wild places (8/03)
Rainforest Alliance's Smartwood Certifications reach 25-million-acre milestone (6/03)
Planting and conserving shade trees (4/03)
Forest cover shrinking (2/03)
Hardship looms for Mexican community of "vara"harvesters (2/03)
Trees could affect land use, reduce skin cancer (2/03)

Why do trees change color in the fall? (12/02)
Mayor seeks volunteers and sponsors for citywide tree planting (11/02)
Firefighters proclaim "no destructive forest policies in our name!" (9/02)
Proposed remedy for forest fires puts economic interests first (9/02)
Take a hike in an award-winning forest (9/02)
Congress seeks to block public from protecting forests (9/02)
Rare white mountains plant recovers endangered species success story (9/02)
Research shows how pollutants affect tree growth (9/02)
Forest campaign targeting Staples Inc.escalates (6/02)
Helping authors and publishers to save trees (4/02)

Urban forestry policies needed (11/01)
A healthy urban forest in San Diego can conserve energy A proposal (10/01)
Behind the logo: An environmental and social assessment of forest certification schemes (7/01)
Soil fertility limits forests capacity to absorb excess CO2 (7/01)
Carbon cycling and species composition: Seeing the forest for its trees (1/01)

Tell Staples to stop destroying forests! (12/00)
Intelligent consumption: The Forest Service role (9/00)
Help save the redwoods (9/00)
Nation's top home-builders vow to end endangered wood use (5/00)
Home Depot announces commitment to stop selling old-growth wood (9/99)
In logged forests, hunting of wildlife becomes deadly "second harvest" (5/99)
Kinko's, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, and other Fortune 500 companies to phase-out old-growth forest products (4/99)
New WoodWise Consumer guide supports forest conservation (4/99)
Road building moratorium falls short of safeguarding unprotected wilderness (3/99)
Study of tropical forests overturns important theory in ecology (3/99)

Fueling the chain saws: how Home Depot supports old growth forest destruction (12/98)
Zero cut policy: what if it really happened? (11/98)
Should the US Forest Service continue to sell timber from our National Forests? (9/98)
How will increased ultraviolet radiation affect forests? (5/98)

Ancient forests: pure Gold (4/97)

The dying of the trees (4/96)
Cut waste, not trees (4/96)
Forests nationwide brutally clear-cut (3/96)