The will of the people

Should the US Forest Service continue to sell timber from our National Forests?

Public survey shows the will of the people at odds with national policy.

  he following is the result of a national survey conducted by Market Strategies, Inc. and Lake, Sosin, Snell, Perry and Associates. Inc. 800 Registered Voters were asked the following question during June 22-25, 1998:
  Q. There has been a national debate about whether the U.S. Forest Service should continue to sell timber from our national forests. Do you favor or oppose continuing to allow timber companies to log in our national forests? (IF Favor/Oppose ASK:) And do you STRONGLY (favor/oppose) this or just SOMEWHAT (favor/oppose) this?
  The results of the survey were:
Strongly favor 7%
Somewhat favor 17%
Neither [VOL] 2%
Somewhat oppose 19%
Strongly oppose 50%
Don't know 5%
Refused to respond *


The following is the response breakdown by party:

Favor 24% 33% 25% 16%
Oppose 69% 59% 70% 79%
Neither/ Don't know/ Refused 7% 8% 5% 5%

Note: Even voters in the West, by a two-to-one margin (62%-31%), oppose continuing to allow timber companies to log in national forests. Opposition is 70% or more in other regions of the country.

  Market Strategies, Inc. has conducted polls for Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, George Bush, and Gerald Ford.