Kinko's, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, and other Fortune 500 companies to phase-out old-growth forest products

Home Depot, HomeBase, The Los Angeles Times and others are faulted for using products made from British Columbia's old growth rainforests

provided by Natural Resources Defense Council


he end to logging old growth forests is closer to reality as a result of commitments by nearly 30 leading corporations. The companies, which include Kinko's, Nike, Starbucks, Hallmark, and Hewlett-Packard, have committed to survey their suppliers and to ensure that they are not purchasing products made from old growth. This is the most significant step toward phasing out use of old growth wood products to date.

"Kinko's is proud to be a part of this effort to save the world's remaining old-growth forests, and the magnificent Great Bear Rainforest in particular," said Larry Rogero, Environmental Manager of Kinko's. "Over the next year we will audit our supply mills to insure that, to the best of our knowledge, our products are old growth free."

In addition to phasing out purchases of old growth wood, the companies have committed to reduce overall consumption of wood related products containing virgin fibers, and to increase the use of certified, recycled and tree-free alternatives. "These companies are sending a powerful signal to the marketplace that there is a demand for ecologically sustainable alternatives," observed David Ford, Executive Director of the Certified Forest Products Council.

The effort to reduce U.S. consumption of the world's ancient forests is spearheaded by the Coastal Rainforest Coalition (CRC) which represents a broad array of Canadian and U.S. environmental organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace, and Rainforest Action Network.

According to CRC, the companies making these commitments account for more than $1 billion of the annual U.S. market for paper, pulp and packaging. "The commitments made by these companies prove that corporate America can be a force for saving the world's last ancient forests," said Michael Marx, Executive Director of the Coastal Rainforest Coalition. "Their leadership should inspire other companies who are resisting going old-growth-free like Home Depot, HomeBase and The Los Angeles Times."

  Pledge to avoid buying paper and wood produced from unsustainably-managed forests. Contact the Coastal Rainforest Coalition for: "What your company can do" and other information about sustainable forest issues.