SDET July '97
Table of Contents


From the Publishers

Grand Experiment

Ecology and the Economy

Changing the way we make decisions
Some 20-odd past civilizations have failed, and the only thing they had in common was the way humans made decisions.
Generating wealth
To create wealth without degrading ourselves, our economies and our support systems, there are certain principles to bear in mind.
Marine Ecology
"Death Zones" in San Diego Bay
Yet another report indicts polluters and the regulators who protect the status quo.
Lawsuit seeks to clean up bay
Legal action seems required to get the Port's attention.
EHC's action plan for toxic hot spots in San Diego Bay
Living Environments
Why are our buildings so poor?
... and what can be done about incentives for the wrong incentives?
New non-chlorine pool sanitizer
For pool water clean enough to drink.
Environmental Literacy course begins July 28
Paranioa or productivity?
Prohibitions on industrial hemp is a different kind of reefer madness.
Health and Diet
Macro what? A way of life!
This intro to macrobiotics, shows you why this practice is spreading.
Massage for health
Local cafe eggsactly what you want
In Your Garden!
Fresh & local
San Diego is the best place to grow or buy locally!
Book Review
The Work of Nature
Observations from the Edge
The Machiavillians of methyl bromide
New Think: the cartoon
July calendar of Earth-Friendly Events