New non-chlorine pool sanitizer

DE Research, a local film specializing in non-toxic water treat- ment has unveiled Chlor-Free, a replacement for chlorine in pools. Unlike other water disinfectants, it does not contain any halogens, such as chlorine or bromine, or other cancer causing products. Chlor-Free produces pool water clean enough for people to drink and safe enough for fish to swim in.

Chlor-Free is currently available in granular form only, with tablets available soon. It is easily administered and tested with ordinary pH test kits and works for seven days or longer. Stabilizers, conditioners or other acids are not normally required with average use. Comparative studies show that Chlor-Free is equally effective, or more so, than chlorine in test after test. The EPA has issued number 70131-1 to Chlor-Free as an approved sanitizer and algaecide

"This is the perfect product for people who want to eliminate chlorine from their pool and keep their maintenance simple," said Cal Robinson, water quality engineer at CDE Research. "Chlor-Free is easier to use than chlorine and easy to test. Most chlorine alternatives are expensive plumbed-in systems and are hard to test, which makes it difficult to know if they're really working."

Chlor-Free alone comes very close to complete water quality management without the hazardous or undesirable side effects of chlorine or bromine systems. The cost is comparable to standard chlorine-based chemical maintenance, and much less than oilier alternative sanitizing systems.

For more information, contact Cal or Darlene Robinson at CDE Research, (760) 630-5545, e-mail: