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From the Publishers

Growing up


San Diego: a sense of place
For many of us, when a favorite place neighborhood, community or wilderness is threatened by development or pollution, we give in to resignation. Meet four individuals that didn't give in, and organized to preserve and restore their favorite place.
Sprawl is bustin' out all over
Sprawl costs us all are you willing to pay the price?
Creating the future
Last month, SANDAG, the San Diego Association of Governments, held a workshop, "Population Growth, Land Use and Visions for 2050." See what you think of their vision.

San Diego Earth Day

Environmental Action & Restoration That Helps
Nominees for SDED's annual EARTH awards.
Ancient forests: pure Gold
Meet storyteller and advocate for the ancient forests on April 25.

Health and Diet

Ecopsychology: connecting our mental health to our environmental behavior
Downtown refuge
An introduction to downtown's Origami restaurant which is, by the way, the editor's favorite.

Living Environmentally

Sustainability: building for the future
Bringing alternative building technologies such as straw bale into common usage is the focus of a new non-profit organization.
Home Building Guide: how to build a healthier home


Your organic garden: Dig it!
An introduction to Laurie Cohen, our new gardening columnist.
Create your own sustainable garden

Local Ecology

Environmental update
Late-breaking news on the MSCP and other hot topics.
Recycle your phone books during April
Solana Recyclers offers free eco-audits ... and freedomfrom junk mail
Local school raises money for San Elijo Lagoon

Observations from the Soul

The Earth deserves a break today

New Think: the cartoon

The 10 Perfectly Perverse Incentives