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Local Growers at EarthFair (4/07)

Planting and conserving shade trees (4/03)

New organic standard hit US shelves on Oct 21 (11/02)
Dr. Weil backs USDA Organic Initiative (11/02)
Calculate your landscape's water needs (8/02)

Organic apple orchards competitive, sustainable (6/01)

Winterize? Some truths about cool season lawn care (12/00)
Cool season gardening in containers (11/00)
Bad soil is no problem in a natural garden (10/00)
Natural controls for that fungus among us (9/00)
Let's keep that perennial garden spring fresh all season (8/00)
It's Summertime in the Garden, How's yours Look? (7/00)
Keeping your roses spring-fresh through the summer is easy! (6/00)
Trees: Why it's really, really smart to plant some in your garden (5/00)
Spring: the quickening of rebirth (4/00)
It's time for seed catalogs and wishful thinking (2/00)
The garden of the Millennium (1/00)

Santa Claus loves gardeners, too (12/99)
Great pumpkins and the coming of winter (11/99)
Your garden plants need minerals, too (10/99)
The Bulbs Are Coming, The Bulbs Are Coming (9/99)
Acid loving plants, something for everyone (7/99)
Is your rose garden ready for this season? (5/99)
Beneficial insects: voracious yet fragine friends (4/99)
The key to successful gardening... MULCH! (3/99)
Building good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden (2/99)

Put those perennials to bed for the winter (11/98)
It's not spring without fall bulbs (10/98)
Exotic fruit care... naturally (9/98)
Interview with a Pest Insect Vampire (5/98)
Food Fascism (4/98)

Fall in the roses (11/97)
Wasps for caterpillar control? Are you kidding? (10/97)
Nature's Way (9/97)
Who's Organic Standards? (9/97)
Support your local farmer (9/97)
Is a bioengineered potato organic? (9/97)
Pressed for time? (9/97)

Let's Garden (8/97)
Garden Gambles (8/97)

Fresh & local (7/97)

The good, the bad and the bugly (6/97)

In Your Garden: Building your soil (5/97)

Your organic garden: Dig it! (4/97)
Create your own sustainable garden (4/97)

A shopper's guide to pesticides in produce (9/96)
An organic primer (9/96)
Organics: acting locally (9/96)
A farmer speaks out (9/96)
The newest farming machines under the sun (9/96)
Where to buy organic in San Diego (9/96)
Happiness is organic (9/96)

The war on pests (6/96)
IPM alive and well in San Diego (6/96)

Industrial vs. sustainable farming (11/95)
Organic Harvest Month (9/95)
Local organic food markets (9/95)
Organic farming (9/95)
The truth about cotton (4/95)
Growing coffee with a conscience (2/95)

Beneficial insects: bug your bugs (10/94)
Community Supported Agriculture (4/94)
Good, clean food (4/94)