Happiness is Organic!

Please join in saying, "I'm a Friend of the Farm!"

by Leslie Goldman
"HAPPINESS IS ORGANIC!" is an Enchanted Garden Club project that began in 1995. Our first act was to grow some of our own food. Growing food teaches us how things grow on earth and connects us to this life-growing process. Growing food waters, soothes, and revitalizes our nature. As we enter "Plant Parenthood," through growing even one lettuce, we can discover new joy and see our dreams grow.
We hope that this will start a new trend. By the year 2000, organic seeds and the resurgence of locally grown, high quality, mom and pop organic farming will become so popular that the U.S. Postal Service, which gives away candy mints as people-pleasers, can give away seeds instead. Let's start this trend today!
Secondly, we get to know the farmer who is growing the rest of our food. In San Diego and Santa Monica, I've gotten to know the Rodriguez family: Joe Jr. and wife Alma, Sylvia and husband Gilberto, Carlos, Willie, Frances, Irma, Joe Sr., Christina, Pancho, Meni - everyone else, all the workers. This family epitomizes working together, care for each other, and care for the people they serve.
I spent Christmas day with the Rodriguez's. Grandma, grandpa, three adult brothers and sisters -all married, with lots of children. Joe Jr. picked fresh carrots from the field. My house mate Ricardo, a member of our Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, juiced them. I led a toast, thanking the family in behalf of our city. Grandma Christina hugged me and served homemade tamales.
There is definitely love in this food, in this family, and concern for the future of our farmland and the earth. Organic food grown by the Rodriguez family provides our community with ingredients for good growth, and nutrients that can bring the best out of people! Choose their red label and purchase flowers from Rodriguez Ranch! It's time we all say, "I'm a friend of the farm!"
The Rodriguez family participates in many farmers' markets in San Diego County, and one in Santa Monica (26th and Pico, 8am - 1pm, Sat). Their organic food, marked with a red twist label that says, "J.R. ORGANICS ORGANICALLY GROWN," is carried in local stores, including Jimbo's Naturally, Casady's, and O.B. People's Food. Their organic foods belong in lots more stores! Their organic vegetables and greens are fresh picked just hours before they reach the marketplace. Herbs, grown by Scott Murray, are filled with vibrant health!
Grandpa Joe is concerned about advising the next generation to continue farming. Costs keep going up, but not the profits. We - you and I - are the solution. All the investment of time, energy, and good faith does not come home until we reach for a head of lettuce.

Happiness Is Organic/ Friends Of The Farm! is a project of the Enchanted Garden Club, 6008 Arosa St., San Diego, CA 92115, (619) 582-9669. Contributions are welcome!