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Public demands State Water Board eliminate illegal pollution exemptions (8/03)
Supervisors should give farmers a "fair deal" on GP 2020 (6/03)
More sustainable coffee production and a more stable global market (6/03)
Climate affects recent crop yield gains (4/03)
Planting and conserving shade trees (4/03)
Ecological risks of GMOs come In unexpected ways (1/03)

Seeking standards for “organic” products (6/02)
Agricultural fungicide could cause irreversible immune system damage (5/02)

Wealth of nations depends on jack frost (10/01)
Organic apple orchards competitive, sustainable (6/01)
California legislator Strom-Martin to push industrial hemp as legal cash crop (3/01)

The Rainforest Alliance helps Chiquita produce a "better banana" and transforms an industry (12/00)
Ozone found to have direct effect on genes linked with plants' aging (9/00)
Growing sustainability in San Diego (3/00)
Landscaping -- the natural way to save energy (11/99)
Plant losses threaten future food supplies and health care (10/99)
Your garden plants need minerals, too (10/99)
The Bulbs Are Coming, The Bulbs Are Coming (9/99)
Acid loving plants, something for everyone (7/99)
Water saving in the garden (6/99)
Greenpeace, Center For Food Safety and organic farmers sue EPA over gene-altered crops (3/99)
Building good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden (2/99)

Put those perennials to bed for the winter (11/98)
Professor working on natural pesticides (11/98)
Cattle diets could control E. coli danger (10/98)
It's not spring without fall bulbs (10/98)
Exotic fruit care... naturally (9/98)
Kids and composting (4/98)
Backyard chemical warfare (3/98)
Will research save the honeybee and pollination? (2/98)

Fall in the roses (11/97)
Wasps for caterpillar control? Are you kidding? (10/97)
Nature's Way (9/97)
Who's Organic Standards? (9/97)
Support your local farmer (9/97)
Is a bioengineered potato organic? (9/97)
Paranioa or productivity? [hemp production] (7/97)
The good, the bad and the bugly (6/97)
In Your Garden: Building your soil (5/97)
Your organic garden: Dig it! (4/97)
Create your own sustainable garden (4/97)

An organic primer (9/96)
Organics: acting locally (9/96)
A farmer speaks out (9/96)
The newest farming machines under the sun (9/96)
Hemp: a new look an an ancient resource (7/96)
The war on pests (6/96)
IPM alive and well in San Diego (6/96)
Compost happens (5/96)

Composting [how to do-it-yourself] (5/96)
WORM MANIA! (5/96)
Harvest or homes? (2/96)
The troubled Farm Bureau (2/96)

Industrial vs. sustainable farming (11/95)
Organic Harvert Month (9/95)
San Diego agriculture (9/95)
The truth about cotton (4/95)

Beneficial insects: bug your bugs (10/94)
Community Supported Agriculture (4/94)
Horticulturally correct (4/94)