An evening for a Very Important Planet

by Carolyn Chase
n Thursday, April 20th, Richard Schulman will discuss Technology, "Bio-logic" and the future of San Diego's quality of life at San Diego Earth Day's fifth annual VIP (Very Important Planet) reception from 6pm - 9pm at the Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum.
Additionally, Dr. William Guent-zler, "Suntrakker" Solar Car Advisor, Engineering Outreach Officer and Power and Energy Consultant at SDSU will discuss designing with renewable energy sources.
The theme of this year's benefit for San Diego Earth Day is "Sustainability Begins at Home." The evening begins at a festive reception with the best of organic foods and a silent auction of "earth-friendly" goods donated by local businesses. The evening will also include the presentation of the Environmental Achievement and Restoration That Helps awards, the "EARTH-IES".
Tickets are $25 per person. To make reservations for the reception, please call 496-6666 and leave a message with your name and telephone number.

Bio-Logic living

San Diego is one of the finest places in this nation. Most of us live here because we truly believe that this region is number one in quality of life. We have it all: the seashore, the desert, the mountains, moderate climate, our share of fresh air, nearly bearable traffic flow, fine housing, great schools and interesting, diverse people.
However, as we near the 21st Century, rapid changes are taking place in San Diego: the population is increasing markedly, usable land is disappearing, and traffic and housing congestion is rising. In spite of the untiring efforts of environmental volunteers, and some enlightened government and business leaders, environmental degradation is reducing our quality of life.
This decline is neither inevitable nor irreversible. Each one of us has the power to make a difference.
Recent dramatic advances in science and technology are providing the tools and means to observe, measure and effect our local environment and San Diego "life systems." But these new tools alone are not enough. A new philosophy of "bio-logic," environmental protection by design, must also be embraced.
As individuals and collectively as the human members of our ecosystem, we must understand how we can effectively use appropriate and sustainable technologies to provide power for positive changes that are within our grasp.
From satellites and information highways to organic gardening, a positive, practical and necessary vision of the future of San Diego will emerge.
A native of Southern California, Mr. Schulman has witnessed the dramatic changes in Los Angeles and San Diego during the past fifty years. As an internationally recognized leader in the computer industry, he pioneered dozens of technical innovations and tools which will enable us to create an environmentally sustainable San Diego. Schulman is founder and president of San Diego-based Resource Strategies, Inc. and a strong advocate of Biologic solutions.
"With Biologic thinking, we can reverse the traditional decline of our cities and improve our quality of life," explains Schulman. "There is still time."
If sustainability begins at home, it also begins with you! Please join us for an exciting evening for the Earth.

Public invited to "EARTHIE" Awards

by Alice Martinez
his year, San Diego Earth Day's VIP (Very Important Planet) Reception will feature the presentation of the Mayoral Environmental Achievement and Restoration That Helps awards, also known as the "EARTH-IES."
Approximately 30 local businesses have applied for the awards. In addition to Mayor Susan Golding, judges include ecological designer Jim Bell, City of San Diego Environmental Service Department staff member Bill Harris, and San Diego Earth Day board member Carolyn Chase.
"This was a situation where all applicants truly deserve recognition for their efforts. I was impressed by the range of businesses with environmental commitments and the many innovative products and practices. We have both large and small business efforts from the institutional to the entrepreneurial" said Chase.

The envelope, please

The larger institutions applying for the awards include: Entrepreneurs making a good showing are: Corporate recycling initiatives included: Innovative products submitted include:

EARTHIEs indeed!

Recycling initiatives were a common theme, but many companies have gone "beyond recycling" to tackle source reduction, pollution prevention and to integrate environmental, ecological and conservation ideas throughout their entire business operations.
The EARTHIES will be presented on April 20th at the San Diego Earth Day VIP (Very Important Planet) Reception. If you would like to attend this fun event, the tickets at $25 each. Send payment and reservations to: SDED, P.O. Box 9827, San Diego, CA 92169 or call 496-6666 and leave a message with your name and phone number.